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Video SEO Services for Creative Agencies


We Prove Your ROI with Powerful Analytics

We help creative agencies like you demonstrate how many leads are generated after someone plays your video. 


Oh, and it’s completely white label. Pretty cool huh?

The Power of Video Analytics

The true power of our video seo service is that we compare the difference in the amount of leads that were generated when people watched your video compared to the leads generated from those who did not.

Instantly, you are able to demonstrate the power of your videos.

Imagine the possibilities…more sales, better relationships, bigger quotes. 

Automated or Manual Reporting

Whether you want to send an automated email or just manually send a report when you like, we set it up for you.

Nobody even knows we exist.


We Have a Four Step Process

Don’t worry, we handle all of this behind the scenes.


Step 1.

Configure Video Hosting

We host the video and embed it into the client’s website.

Step 2.

Embed a Tracking Code

We set up advanced tracking that identifies how many people have watched 25%, 50%, 75%, or Completed your video.

Step 3.

Configure the Analytics

We install intuitive event tracking that allows for the monitoring of conversions.

Step 4.

Setup Reporting

We provide you with data showing and comparing how many people converted when they watched your video compared to if they did not.

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