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Website Optimization

Directive Consulting is a strong believer in Analytics. We are constantly looking through your website data looking for improvements. For instance, we observe bounce rates, behavior flows, and time on site in order to understand what is working and what needs to be changed. 


Monthly Analytic Reports

Analytics are a good way of making sure that you are keeping us accountable. We send monthly analytic reports presenting results such as unique visitors and conversions in order to keep you informed on your online progress. 


Track Marketing Channels

We use analytics to track all of your marketing channels. This allows us to see which channels are turning into conversions. For instance, is the social media campaign driving as much users to call your business as the email campaign? Knowing this information is very valuable because it indicates where your money is best spent. 


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Why Directive Consulting 

Connects all features of the Online Marketing Realm

Website Analytics connects all your online marketing together. It allows us to see the performance of everything from your Yelp page to your paid advertisement. Website Analytics is the key to understanding what marketing mix works best for your company.

Online Marketer’s must give analytic reports

Do not sign up with an online marketing company that does not give monthly analytic reports. It is not difficult for them to set up and it is the only way to keep them accountable. Directive Consulting is confident in the results it can deliver, and  we strongly believe that every client has the right to know the online progress of their company.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“Directive Consulting has been performing brand and UX development for my mobile application for the past six months. The money has been well spent. Their lean development process has been very effective and has provided me with new and intuitive ideas. I had not formerly thought of improving my original ideas and I believe that this process will save me money in the long term. I am very pleased with their work and I am looking forward to seeing how well they market the application once it is ready.”

John Hodel (Vice President of Core Logic)

“Directive consulting has been a huge help marketing our app. They re-engineered our marketing plan to fit our product and our budget and we are already seeing great results.”
Ford Davis (CEO of ReFrame)

“Directive Consulting was the best choice I ever made. I went from the 8th position on Google to the 3rd. I am the 1st business website when people search for my services in Dana Point. Once my website was in this position I received two $2,500 calls within the first two weeks, and I have been getting calls ever since.”

Jeff Shaffer (CEO of Jeff Shaffer Plumbing)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do my Google Analytic Reports look like?


What are Conversions?

A conversion is the end goal that you want to achieve with your website. For many small business that will be a phone call. If that is true for you, we will set your contact page as the goal. Once a user has reached the contact page a conversion will be displayed.

How do you calculate the value of Directive Consulting?

Our clients give us a value for a conversion (a phone call), and analytics takes that value and multiplies it with the amount of conversions that have been achieved.

What do you mean by tracking marketing channels?

We begin by tracking market channels ( Social, Email, Organic, Referral, & Direct.) Then we track the specific source of each channel (Yelp, Facebook, Google +…) When analyzing these channels and sources we look at the behavior flow and conversion rate in order to understand their true of value.

How fast should my site speed be for my website?

Your website should load within 5 seconds. If it does not load this quickly then you will experience high bounce rates, and Google will count it against you in their ranking scale.

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