6 PPC Software Tools You’ll Love


Did you know that you can use PPC software tools to save time and increase your efficiency when managing ad campaigns across multiple platforms and networks?

Most digital marketers begin their PPC journey by manually configuring, analyzing, and optimizing every aspect of their initial campaign. This is a fine approach when you’ve only got one campaign to manage, but by the time you’re managing five or ten, you’ll need to start using PPC software to help automate your analysis and discover more campaign optimizations in less time.

PPC software tools can also help streamline the PPC auditing process. Digital marketers should know how to do a PPC audit on their own, but the right software tools make it even easier to review essential metrics and identify the best opportunities for improvement.

To help you get started with software-based PPC management and auditing, we’ve put together this list of the six best PPC software applications that you’ll love.

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6 PPC Software Tools You’ll Love


optmyzr ppc tool

Overview: Optmyzr is an industry-leading PPC management tool with a range of features that digital marketers can deploy to enhance the performance of advertisements in the Google, Microsoft, and Amazon advertising networks. Optmzr participates in leading SEM conferences, regularly publishes on the leading SEM blogs, and claims a user base of more than 45,000 satisfied customers.

Key Features & Benefits: Digital marketers can use the Optmyzr UI to manage and adjust their bids, forecast and automate keyword budgets, implement negative keyword exclusions, run content experiments (A/B or split testing), customize Google Shopping Ads and audit existing ad campaigns for broken URLs. The platform provides valuable data insights, including alerts and anomaly detection that ensure digital marketers catch mistakes before they spiral into a disaster (like adding an extra zero or two onto your daily budget, for example). Optmyzr also helps you monitor and improve your ad quality score, which helps your ads show more often for targeted keywords and at a lower cost.

Pricing: Optmyzr offer subscription packages for companies of every size, ranging from $249/month for agencies with $10K monthly ad spend to $799/month for enterprise organizations that spend $500K+ per month on digital advertising.


trueclicks ppc tool

Overview: TrueClicks is a PPC software tool with advertising monitoring, auditing, and team management capabilities. With the platform beta having been released in 2017, TrueClicks has already analyzed a total of $1.6 billion in total ad spending through its platform. TrueClicks is based on the philosophy that it should be simple, fast, and cheap for advertisers to monitor and optimize their ad performance across multiple platforms.

Key Features & Benefits: TrueClicks monitoring is a versatile capability that digital marketers can use to send alerts when urgent advertising issues threaten campaign success, such as a deactivated ad account, broken landing page, or conversion tracking failure. TrueClicks PPC Auditing measures an ad campaign for its performance against 70+ best practices, then recommends and prioritizes improvements for marketers to implement. TrueClicks Audit covers everything from basic ad testing and negative keywords to impression share and ad copy optimization.

Pricing: TrueClicks pricing ranges from just $49/month for up to $5000 in ad spend, to $1,999/month for up to $3 million in ad spend.


kenshoo ppc software

Overview: Kenshoo is a bid management and PPC analytics platform that digital marketers can use to optimize their social advertising campaigns and increase their return on ad spend. In addition to insightful analytics powered by artificial intelligence, the platform provides ultra-fast dashboards that help digital marketers sift through campaign data and meaningfully visualize PPC performance in just seconds.

Key Features & Benefits: Kenshoo offers seven different platforms for seven different types of digital advertising. Kenchoo Search is ideal for digital marketers focused on optimizing their search ads on the Google Search Network or Microsoft Advertising. The Kenshoo Ecommerce platform helps digital marketers efficiently scale eCommerce advertising campaigns on Amazon or Walmart. There’s also Kenshoo Social, which focuses on social display advertising and Kenshoo Apps for mobile app marketers. Users benefit from features like context experiments, automated smart bidding enhancements, and the ability to efficiently orchestrate wide-reaching campaigns across multiple touchpoints.

Pricing: Digital marketers will have to request a demo to obtain pricing details directly from Kenshoo representatives. Kenshoo does not disclose pricing on its website, but prospective customers should expect to pay a flat monthly fee, plus a percentage of their ad spending on the platform.

WordStream Advisor

wordstream ppc software

Overview: While several of the other PPC tools on this list are primarily marketed towards large agencies or enterprise clients, WordStream Advisor was purpose-built to be implemented by small/medium-sized businesses or agencies who want to improve execution and enhance ROI on their PPC campaigns. The WordStream Advisor platform has been used to analyze over $14 billion in ad spending, helping users improve their conversion rates by an average of 30%.

Key Features & Benefits: For starters, WordStream offers a single interface where digital can design, customize, and replicate their Ads across the most important ad platforms: Google, Bing Ads, and Facebook Advertising. WordStream Advisor vastly simplifies the PPC auditing process by automating analysis and recommending optimizations that digital marketers can implement with a single click. The platform also features a slick performance dashboard that helps marketers visualize their funnel performance across multiple accounts in one location. WordStream is ideal for small businesses with small marketing teams, as it is designed to deliver positive results with minimum customization and a simple UI.

Pricing: Prices range from $199/month for $1000 in monthly ad spend to $849/month for up to $20,000 in monthly ad spend. Companies with greater ad budgets will have to contact WordStream’s sales departments for customized pricing plans.

Marin Software

marin ppc software

Overview: Marin is one of the leaders in the PPC software space with a list of customers that includes Square, American Eagle Outfitters, Nissan, Facebook, and Vistaprint. The platform brings together management of search, social, and eCommerce advertising campaigns into an interface that’s convenient for digital marketers and helps drive overall campaign performance.

Key Features & Benefits: Using the Marin PPC software platform, advertisers can simultaneously view and analyze advertising metrics from multiple accounts, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Advertising, Verizon Media, Baidu, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Apple Search Ads. Combining campaign data from a variety of sources helps digital marketers detect trends and develop insights that might otherwise have been overlooked. Users can develop a true cross-channel strategy, leveraging their own data and data from ad networks to target the highest-converting audience segments across multiple touchpoints.

Pricing: Marin does not disclose pricing on its website, but digital marketers should expect to pay a flat monthly fee based on their total monthly ad spend.


shape ppc tool

Overview: Shape is a PPC management software tool that helps digital marketers customize and automate budget management for pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Key Features & Benefits: Budget pacing is a serious issue for digital marketers looking to optimize campaign ROI for their clients. Overspending can necessitate pausing campaigns in the short term, meaning you could miss out on some of the best ad spending opportunities.

Shape helps digital marketers automate budget pacing for PPC campaigns across ad networks without using complicated spreadsheets or scripts. The platform uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust campaign budgets to meet customized budgeting targets. This helps to prevent overspending, avoid pausing campaigns, and allows marketers to take advantage of the best spending opportunities on their preferred ad networks.

Pricing: Shape offers a full-feature free trial where marketers can manage unlimited ad spend for a single client account. Premium subscription packages start at $299/month for up to $100,000 in monthly ad spend.


Thanks for checking out our list of the 6 PPC tools you’ll love.

With this PPC management and audit capabilities at your fingertips, you’ll be able to efficiently manage your advertising campaigns across platforms and develop new insights that drive marketing success.

Garrett Mehrguth is the CEO and co-founder of Directive Consulting – a global search marketing agency headquartered in Southern California specializing in comprehensive search marketing campaigns for B2B and enterprise companies.

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