First Principle

Customer Generation

Customer Generation is the new B2B marketing playbook.

The B2B landscape has changed. “Growth at all costs” is no longer in vogue. You need the right customers; the ones who stay for the long haul and advocate for your brand.

Data. Financial Modeling. Brand. Performance.


With Customer Generation, your marketing becomes more than lead generation — it becomes a dynamic and agile force that maximizes CLTV.

This is Customer Generation. We use a deep understanding of your customer segments, informed by data and attribution forecasting, to create a marketing engine that aligns teams around revenue growth.

Unlocking growth: Map our Customer Generation Model onto your lifecycle.

Customer Generation realizes the full potential of your marketing engine.

The evolution of Demand Gen connects the dots between your brand, your go-to-market function, and your true best-fit customers.
Demand Generation
Customer Generation
Brand vs Performance
Brand AND Performance
BranChannel Technicians
Multi-Channel Strategists
Leads as NSM
Linear Funnel
Compounding Growth Loops
Siloed Teams
Integrated Teams
Static Data Warehouses
1st-Party Data Put to Use
Hard to Measure LTV
Financial Modeling
Marketing Manager Focus
Agency That Speaks to the C-Suite
Proven Tactics Only
Proven AND Innovative Tactics to Test
The 5 Principles of

Customer Generation

From manually verifying accounts to cross-channel performance, this is the Directive approach to SaaS marketing.

More of a DIYer? Learn everything you need to drive pipeline and revenue.

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Now you can learn step-by-step how to implement the Customer Generation methodology used by our seasoned consultants to drive pipeline and revenue for their SaaS clients.

Your World with Customer Generation


Growth is not just a goal, but a confident reality.

From awareness to retention, optimize the moments that matter.

Future-proof your campaigns to grow with confidence.

Our 1st-party data approach enables you to scale brand advertising, lower customer acquisition costs, and create a healthier media mix.

Every touchpoint is a chance to win a customer for life.

With our Jobs to be Done (JTBD) approach, we give your content purpose. Each JTBD is tied to a business outcome of acquiring, selling, or retaining customers.

Identify your most impactful levers to unlock scale.

Improve your capital allocation with expert financial modeling. Start reallocating capital strategically to build on wins and minimize losses.

This is the Directive experience.

Hear what it’s like to be a client of Directive Consulting, straight from the source.
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