About Us

From Series A to IPO, we’re the strategists behind the fastest-growing brands in Tech.

Meet your Customer Generation agency, passionately pioneering a new way to market B2B SaaS with measurable impact.


Our Customer Generation approach to marketing delivers on revenue growth, not just the promise of it.


We spend $2.2M a year on research and development, testing all of our tactics before ever recommending them to you.


Our strategies are informed by financial modeling and 1st-party attribution, to help you grow faster.

Our Values

These are the standards we hold ourselves accountable to everyday and the beliefs we look for in both our people and partners.

People first

Perception is reality

Embrace reality. Don’t manipulate it.

Transparency is our default

Ownership breeds excellence

We all own the iteration of our processes and products

Diverse ideas and people drive innovation and growth

Proactively communicate with clarity and empathy

When in doubt, the client takes priority

Balance is our choice

Industry Leadership


Customer Generation is the only kind of marketing we do.

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, the need for high-value customers is constant. We’re specialized in the strategies and tactics that fill pipeline and grow predictable revenue, not just lead generation.

You’ll always see us proactive, prepared, and ready to show numbers.

Fast and transparent communication is critical to your project’s success. That’s why we always message back in Slack, stay responsive between regular call-ins, and deliver the data at every meeting.

We take ownership over everything we do.

Our team consists of high-achievers that aren’t afraid of a challenge and are ready to step up from day one. Every team member takes responsibility for the outcomes, so you can take pride in the results.

Your revenue goals go beyond lead acquisition.

You have a customer base to grow and retain, numbers to reach, and promises to deliver on. We help you hit the metrics that matter with value-building processes for every stage of your customer lifecycle.

It all comes down to our people.

Meet the heart of Directive.
Larissa Williams
VP, Performance Marketing
Caitie Collins
Garrett Mehrguth
Tanner Shaffer
Managing Partner, Operations
Mel Dale
Head of People Operations
Sean Dooley
VP of Finance

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