Kyle Brink

As a “Swiss army knife” digital marketer, Kyle has 4+ years’ worth of experience working with a wide variety of clientele covering nearly all industries by strategizing, implementing, and optimizing campaigns for optimal success. He received a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. He has working knowledge and experience in email marketing, social media, SEO, CRO, marketing automation, CRM, website development, and paid media. Kyle is happiest when experiencing the world as an endless opportunity for learning, discovery, and truth-seeking, which translates nicely into his digital marketing “best-practice” strategies. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys spending time with his friends and family, going to amusement parks, and anything with a thrill. He has a passion for competitive cheerleading with 13+ years of experience where he’s earned himself many national titles, as well as both Silver and Gold World championship titles.