Tanner Shaffer

Tanner Shaffer is the Managing Partner, Operations of Directive. Tanner, inspired by search marketing and its role in our society, has helped Directive reach new heights and even moved to Austin, Texas to build the agency’s presence there.

Tanner is extremely driven and thrives off of hitting client goals. From SEO to PPC to account management, he has refined each deliverable to provide more value in an ever-changing industry. Currently, he leads a group of directors who are continually inspiring a team of talented marketers to innovate their craft. With a 300 percent year-over-year growth rate, he is fixated on filling the company with people who have integrity and aspire to be great. Tanner began his professional career by earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Azusa Pacific University. When he is not in meetings and working through Excel spreadsheets, he enjoys surfing, dirt-biking, and growing his relationship with God, his loving wife, and his family.