The challenge

ZeroFOX came to Directive with a need to generate more awareness for their enterprise cybersecurity services. While they had a strong collection of content, it lacked focus. Directive optimized their top of funnel visibility with use-case aligned keyword research and content that actually intrigued ZeroFOX’s target buyers: CTOs and CSOs.

The issue was most people who found ZeroFOX were searching for threat protection after they’d already been attacked. ZeroFOX was seeking to drive more preventative awareness of their service and their unique brand of threat intelligence and cybersecurity.

Directive was tasked with growing top of funnel awareness and expanding their pipeline by increasing MQLs.

The objective

How can we increase preventative awareness for ZeroFOX’s differentiated approach to threat intelligence?

Directive and ZeroFOX’s objective was to develop more top of funnel organic placements for actionable search terms in order to increase preventative awareness for ZeroFOX’s differentiated approach to threat intelligence. Directive implemented strategic keyword research aligned with ZeroFOX’s core customer use cases in order to siloe their content strategy into more actionable keyword themes.

As opposed to traditional “cornerstone content,” these use-case-aligned themes each targeted specific Service Pages within ZeroFOX’s domain in order to funnel qualified search traffic towards conversion.

The strategy

The most valuable (and therefore successful) content doesn’t come from marketers, it comes from your customers. Directive pivoted ZeroFOX’s content and SEO from the very roots up to answer the questions their end buyers were really asking. Aggressive internal linking was then implemented to increase backlink profile, domain authority, and organic ranking.

Keyword Pivot

When initially partnering with Directive, ZeroFOX did not consider themselves in the “threat intelligence” space. Their differentiated approach to cybersecurity and dark web monitoring is not the classic case of threat intelligence, even if it may serve the same end more efficiently.

After running ZeroFOX through a customized UVP Analysis, Directive was able to identify the key factors that could differentiate ZeroFOX’s content while still targeting large volume keywords in the threat intelligence space. This insight opened up a massive new avenue of organic traffic that could help grow ZeroFOX’s top funnel visibility exponentially. Directive maximized the visibility of ZeroFOX in this new space by creating a keyword glossary based around “threat intelligence” to build internal linking assets for their new SEO category.

SEO Silos

After pivoting their keyword strategy, Directive siloed ZeroFOX’s content calendar into different customer use-case segments. This allowed them to focus content production on the actual day-to-day needs of their end users – the ones who would actually be looking for their content.

By reverse engineering their keyword research and content calendar, Directive was able to create a “Customer-Led SEO” strategy that continues to consistently increase ZeroFOX’s visibility and mental real estate.

FAQ Schema

Directive’s customer use-case content strategy pushed two of ZeroFOX’s most important revenue generating service pages into the top 5 for their primary search terms.

To double down on the success, Directive implemented FAQ-Schema onto these ranking pages. These Frequently Asked Questions add-ons allowed ZeroFOX’s ranking pages to answer more conversion-focused questions while also supplying direct question-answer content for Google to pull into featured snippets.