The challenge

New Relic came to Directive amidst a massive business reorganization that left them dealing with rising acquisition costs across paid advertising channels.

Due to the organizational shift and lack of closed loop conversion tracking, New Relic was struggling to strategically prioritize campaign optimization.

This gap in data made prioritizing optimization strategies based on cost and revenue projections nearly impossible – which was a serious problem in New Relic’s market within search engines, causing expensive average cost-per-clicks for target keywords.

They were flying blind with their strategy, and needed help fine tuning their aim.

The objective

Directive worked with data architects to implement multiple iterations of custom Google Analytics Events in order to clean up New Relic’s conversion tracking for more efficient budgetary pivots.

Directive also ran New Relic’s entire site through a customized unique value proposition (UVP) analysis to optimize their copy and keyword targeting to align better towards their ideal consumer use-cases. After identifying which campaigns were driving the most qualified sign-ups at the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA), Directive would then use Alpha-Beta account structures to optimize New Relic’s ad spend towards campaigns they now confidently knew were driving significant pipeline growth.

Properly aligning New Relic’s data-driven strategy would evolve their current ad setup into a structure that allowed for consistently scalable growth.

The strategy

Directive’s Approach was focused on optimizing the output of New Relic’s campaigns – They needed more wood behind fewer arrows. Supplying the wood and knowing where to aim came down to relying on scalable Alpha-Beta PPC campaigns across multiple platforms while better aligning New Relic’s tracking to their end CRM metrics, respectively.

Custom Google Event Tracking

First and foremost, Directive had to properly align New Relic’s tracking with their offline sales stage metrics. This required multiple iterations of Custom Google Event creations working with data architects at New Relic to finetune their goal conversion to a closer 1:1 ratio with what their CRM was reflecting. After properly aligning their tracking, Directive would be able to confidently pivot campaigns and budgets to optimize their paid ad performance towards growing New Relic’s pipeline.

UVP Analysis + Copy Optimization

Directive ran New Relic’s entire site through their customized Unique Value Proposal (UVP) Analysis in order to properly align their copy, keyword targeting, and value positioning to their end consumer’s ideal use case. These value insights were then implemented onto the site using Optimizely to continuously improve messaging and relevancy based on Directive’s UVP analysis to increase conversion rates and volume. This site wide CRO resulted in a 48.89% lift in conversion rates across the account.

Alpha-Beta Prioritization For Scale

Now that they had fine–tuned New Relic’s tracking to more meaningful KPIs, Directive could confidently shift budget within the account for a more aggressive lead generation strategy. Directive prioritized winning keyword campaigns with an Alpha-Beta structure to aggressively double down budget on winning audiences while testing and optimizing the average-to-low performers in the Beta group.

The Alpha-Beta Structure allowed Directive to maximize impression share for top performers in the Alpha while leveraging broader keywords, smart bidding, and new audience targeting in the Beta to search for new ways to boost performance.

This allowed Directive to maximize the growth of the account while continually optimizing for lead quality, which allowed for the simultaneous drop in CPAs while increasing lead volume.