The challenge

Facing a global pandemic that put most retail locations out of commission, ServiceChannel was facing reduced spend and withdrawing engagement rates when they partnered with Directive.

Given the shrinking need for their network, ServiceChannel was facing an immediate need to expand visibility while maximizing their investment with efficiency of spend. They lacked connectivity across their customer lifestyle journey – and it was beginning to show.

This, along with its niche market, made driving significant pipeline growth from search a serious challenge for ServiceChannel.

The objective

How can we increase pipeline revenue via search while also increasing visibility for the client’s brand?

As the market leader in facilities management, ServiceChannel targets a highly specific list of enterprise level brands. This list was the core of Directive’s account based strategy.

Directive was tasked with increasing pipeline revenue via search while also increasing visibility for the ServiceChannel brand. The ultimate goal of Directive’s strategy was to develop an omni-channel presence for ServiceChannel in order to increase and maintain mental real estate in their target market.

We wanted to make partnering with ServiceChannel a matter of timing only.

The strategy

In order to align ServiceChannel’s marketing strategy with their sales team, Directive set up Offline Conversion Tracking (OCT) to ensure all metrics properly fed into generating pipeline growth. Creating a custom goal of Verified Sign Ups that aligned with their CRM feedback gave each strategic pivot data-backed confidence. This allowed Directive to confidently delegate budget across a holistic paid strategy that included search, social, directory listings, programmatic, CTV, and more.

Pipeline Growth

Directive invested heavily in Service Channels’ Non Branded Google Search campaigns in order to drive more awareness for new prospects. ServiceChannel wanted to build a strong enough brand to where if someone needed help with their facilities maintenance management, they already knew ServiceChannel was the best solution.

This generation of non-branded awareness was paired with third-party validation to build ServiceChannel’s authority in the space. Brand awareness campaigns such as these resulted in significant pipeline growth for later ServiceChannel’s acquisition lead gen efforts.

Directory Listing

Directive relied on third-party reports such as the IDC Marketscape Report to position ServiceChannel as a reliable market leader. Directive’s landing page copy for this asset directly challenged other CMMS providers – placing ServiceChannel above the industry standard. External validation and directory listings helped solidify ServiceChannel’s authority when paired with this aggressive copy.

The end goal was to make their brand ubiquitous with their service – so whenever anyone in their target market needed a Facilities Maintenance Software, they knew ServiceChannel was the best choice.

Branding Campaigns and CTV

Directive leveraged StackAdapt for their Programmatic ad campaigns across Display and Native platforms in order to generate more awareness across the entire customer journey. By creating a large collection of targeted content beforehand, Directive was able to continually engage ServiceChannel’s audience throughout their lifecycle in order to maintain top of mind awareness.

ServiceChannel even invested in a CTV ad to help boost early stage impressions. These brand awareness investments helped increase the users and sessions generated from their branded search campaign later on.