The challenge

For 20 years, EasyVista has competed with behemoth IT Security Management (ITSM) leaders to break out of European markets and into a more globalized digital arena. EasyVista came to Directive hoping to increase lead volume and drive net new revenue. Being undersized in a transparent and saturated space like IT, EasyVista relied heavily on third-party validation to generate awareness and leads.

Directive was tasked with leveraging the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report and other existing assets to differentiate EasyVista’s brand and generate net new leads. Due to EasyVista’s customized solutions and narrow margins, Directive was tasked with developing more enterprise market share in order to fill EasyVista’s pipeline with financially viable prospects.

The objective

EasyVista – like other growing ITSM brands – struggles with the “little fish in a big pond.” Directive’s objective was to maximize lead volume while developing awareness through the entire customer lifecycle for EasyVista in order to take some of the vital market share “back for the little guys.”

Directive focused on generating full lifecycle awareness via third party validation to grow EasyVista’s brand authority. To expand this new brand presence, Directive leveraged Smart Broad Campaigns and leverage automated bidding settings aligned with their custom goal to let machine learning optimize campaigns at scale.

The strategy

Directive began by implementing Off-Line Conversion Tracking (OCT) for EasyVista’s account in order to properly align their digital advertising metrics with their actual sales CRM data.

This allowed Directive to employ an aggressive testing strategy that was backed by data-driven confidence and cost-projection to make each optimization strategy easy to prioritize and lean into.

Smart Broad Campaigns To Maximize Impressions

EasyVista’s growth as a budding provider was dependent on Directive’s ability to scale their business while cutting costs. Establishing OCT to align EasyVista’s sales and marketing metrics allowed Directive to rely on automated bidding strategies to scale their client’s visibility while optimizing budget (instead of sending spend through the roof). By targeting Broad Keywords with Smart Bidding Settings to automate towards conversion, Directive was able to consistently scale EasyVista’s impression share. And, because of the OCT sync, Directive could confidently expand marketing strategies knowing they would directly lead to more sales.

Leveraging The Gartner MQ Across Landing Pages

The Gartner Magic Quadrant Report is a highly sought after SaaS marketing asset. The Gartner Report offers unbiased third party analyst insights that provide genuine value to the consumer without being too sales-heavy. Directive realized the value of such a high authority asset in the SaaS space, and created a dedicated landing page using the repot as gated content.

Directive removed the MQ from the creative of the Landing Page to make it necessary to convert before seeing the chart – the real value of the conversion to the users. This simple but powerful insight drove a 165% increase in conversions from their Smart Broad Campaigns. One of many small but significant CRO insights that EasyVista is continuing to implement internationally.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Directive’s work with EasyVista resulted in a 165% lift in conversions and increased lead volume by 41% QoQ. Directive also was able to candidly pivot away from promoting EasyVista’s actual placement in the MQ (due to their being young in the space, they were low on the chart) increasing conversion rates regardless.

These synchronized optimizations eventually dropped EasyVista’s CPA to $69.44 – a 13% reduction (for now). Overall, Directive was able to significantly expand EasyVista’s market share in the ITSM space by strategically maximizing their lead gen without radically amplifying spend.