Powerful Ways to Improve Your Internal Marketing [VIDEO]


As marketers, especially in B2B, it’s critical that we can internally share what we are trying to accomplish. So today we’re going to give you three ways that you can improve your B2B internal marketing.


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Use External Feedback

One of the hardest things to do as a marketer is to align yourself with the overall business objectives. What you need to do is take that overarching objective that your company is trying to follow and feed it back into your marketing.

Internal Marketing requires communication between two people.

Take Google for example. It’s internal marketing motto used to be: “Don’t be evil.” How do you bring that internal brand message of what your company’s about into your marketing and then from your marketing back into the company? That right there is a very difficult thing to do.

Here at Directive Consulting we really value revenue per headcount. In our marketing, we explain that as: “We can scale up your advertising for you — the account — and that can increase your revenue per headcount.”

We’re taking the metrics that we care about here internally, using them for our marketing externally, and then bringing those conversations that we’re having with other executives back into what we’re sharing with our team so we can keep growing towards our one end goal. Now, it’s not a simple process, but by getting the feedback you can really improve your internal marketing.

Stay Organized & Make Sure Everyone is in the “Know”

Secondly, we take a lot of things for granted as marketers. We assume that everyone in our whole entire organization understands or knows what we know. “Yeah, obviously we do this. Obviously, we’ve done this for these people. Obviously…”

What you’ll actually start to find out is a lot fewer people know about the bigger picture in every account, client, or customer in your portfolio.

One of the best things you can do for internal marketing is to organize all of your accounts, categorize them so you can see the verticals, industries, and services you provide to each. Then, attach case studies, results, and specific talking points.

Internal Marketing involves many verticals, industries, and services.

Imagine how much better your sales development team could do. Imagine how much better your sales development team could do if every account that you’ve ever worked with was documented, categorized, and had specific talking points to the successes you’ve accomplished for them.

This type of internal marketing not only empowers your own department but then can empower customer success, sales and every other department that needs this type of information.

Thus, if you can assume that no one ever has complete information and that your role to improve your internal marketing is to try to strive for more complete information about the actual work your firm does — that immediately empowers, educates and motivates your team to follow through with your big picture goal.

Align Sales & Marketing

Last and not least. What you can do that’s going to make such a big impact is to start to really bring sales into the marketing.

By aligning sales and marketing, especially in this B2B world that’s pivoting to an account based approach, you need a solid alignment. Your sales accounts need to be the same as your marketing accounts.

If your internal processes aren’t built to make sure that you’re educating and bringing awareness to your sales team — as to what your goals are and why you’re doing those things — your sales team is fighting with one hand — maybe even two hands — behind their back.

For example, let’s say you’re PPC. If you’re a pay per click marketer and you’re running these custom landing pages, you’re split testing copies and call to actions, and you’re noticing that you have a 10X, 300% higher response rate from one of your offers — you need to market that information internally so that your sales team can then start to pitch those same things in their concluding sentences. They could be doing the sales development with the same information that you’re acquiring for marketing.

Internal Marketing teams must be on the same page when it comes to strategy.

By sharing information across the sales and marketing department your internal marketing and those processes become vastly improved. Remember, the process isn’t nearly as important as the execution. We all know that we need to share information but making it a priority to execute it by especially starting with sales team is going to allow you to start with the most impactful department that needs that internal marketing information — critically.

3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Internal Marketing – Takeaways

So in closing, there are three things we really want to focus on to improve your internal marketing:

  1. Bring the business objectives into the marketing, get customer feedback and bring that feedback right back into your internal marketing. Look, we believe these things internally. We communicated those things externally and here is the response we got. I think if we recommunicate these things internally as thus we could get a better response externally.
  2. Organize and categorize your accounts. Have specific talking points. Make sure everybody in your company knows what you’ve done, who you’re working with and why they chose you. Build proof so you can show the value of your firm. This helps with morale and retention — not just acquisition.
  3. Make sure your sales and marketing departments are communicating effectively. Sales can have information that marketing doesn’t know about and marketing can have amazing information that sales doesn’t know about. By marketing internally with what your wins are as well as your losses you can drastically improve the success of your internal marketing processes.

Internal Marketing should bring the business objectives and customer feedback together.

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Garrett Mehrguth is the CEO and co-founder of Directive Consulting – a global search marketing agency headquartered in Southern California specializing in comprehensive search marketing campaigns for B2B and enterprise companies.

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