Accurately analyze and benchmark yourself against every software competitor in your industry

Always know exactly where you stand with Pulse’s industry-leading search marketing data for software companies.

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Want to benchmark yourself against any marketing department in your industry? We got you covered.

Scoring Model

We have blended both paid and organic data to score and rank every software company in every industry so you always know where you stand

Benchmark Data
on 25,000 co’s

With over 25,000 software companies and 10 data-points in our proprietary data set, analyze and compare yourself with any competitor’s marketing department

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In-House Teams

Wish you had better context to show your search marketing success to management? Now, you have exact info on every player in your vertical that’s fully customizable to your needs.

Search Marketing Data.

Search Marketing Data.

Search Marketing Data.

Blending SEO & PPC data together for a complete picture

Analyze the following data-points on every competitor in your space: Domain Rating, Keywords, Traffic, Traffic Value, Ad Spend, Paid Keywords, and Paid Clicks.

PPC Data.

PPC Data.

PPC Data.

From spend to CPC, we’ve done the research on every one of your competitors

Are you overspending? Is your CPC higher than the competition? Sign up today and empower yourself with PPC data for every competitor in your industry.

SEO Data.

SEO Data.

SEO Data.

Benchmarking organic success is no longer a mystery

Does your competition have more links? Are they targeting more valuable keywords? Figure out exactly where you stand and grow.

Custom Data.

Custom Data.

Custom Data.

Build custom, benchmark data on any software company in the world

We let you add up to ten companies (even ones not yet in our data set) to your own custom data set and update monthly for on-going benchmarking and competitor insights.

They cleaned up any issues we had with our AdWords. We’ve seen an increase of leads up to 30% and were able to start new campaigns, such as targeted funnel campaigns.

Tiffany Wakimoto

Digital Marketing Manager

We track our total paid clicks, our ad-click-to-lead ratio, and then cost per lead. I was seeing positive results within the first 60 days.

Shaun Black

Director of Global Marketing

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