Customers and revenue are the real value creators. Not tools and tech.

Customer-Led Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations that drives customers, not MQLs




has changed.

Marketing Operations is no longer a technical discipline, existing to plug in platforms. It is a revenue function and marketing function, designed around deep customer insights.  
Enter Revenue Operations.

For too long Marketing Operations has focused on servicing the marketing department only through execution. B2B SaaS has moved on from bland emails and landing pages.  To drive qualified customers and revenue, we don’t need widgets - we need winning strategies.

Customer-Led Marketing Operations tailors your strategy to your customer segments for the most effective go-to-market approach.  It uncovers what is working, and what can work harder.  Each customer segment is optimized to better acquire, sell, and retain. 

Customer-Led Revenue Operations is your new superpower for scalability.

Old Marketing Ops Thinking vs.

Customer-Led RevOps

Customer-Led Revenue Operations begins with the customer in mind rather than merely attracting leads. With clearly identified target accounts every MQL should become an SQL


Leads without monitoring

Accelerates prospects through the funnel with curated experiences

Marketing Ops strategy focuses on delivering emails

Marketing Ops strategy focuses on acquiring the right customers

Long, useless technical audits

Prioritize strategic opportunities that increase revenue growth and efficiency

Campaigns organized around existing database

Campaigns enhanced through first party data, real-time enrichment, and customization. We bring your data to life.

Irrelevant Marketing Ops projects

Ongoing initiatives aligned to exceeding OKRs every quarter

MQLs as goal

SQLs and revenue as goal

The Principles of

Customer-Led Revenue Operations

Principle 1

Analytics Drive Budget Decisions

Knowing the value of marketing activity is key to making informed decisions. The goal is to answer the perennial question: should this campaign investment be reduced or doubled? This requires comprehensive analytics and insights.

Principle 2

Campaigns Convert SQLs, Not MQLs

Campaign design and execution is where the strategy meets practical application. Segmented audiences with targeted messaging helps maximize the conversion of each asset to generate SQLs.

Principle 3

Manage Data Like The Asset It Is

A robust database should be safeguarded like the valuable asset that it represents. Managing data quality, enrichment, and proper segmentation establishes a foundation for customized content that speaks to target personas.

Principle 4

SQLs Should Never Fade Away Quietly

It takes great effort to bring in SQLs, so they should be carefully monitored and placed into the hands of the best people. Lead routing and SQL management must work together with nurture programs to ensure no opportunity goes cold from inaction.

Principle 5

Technology Serves Strategy

Platform proliferation has inundated the marketing team with tools and gizmos that do not drive ROI. Before signing up for another platform, we ensure that each investment is driving toward strategic goals.

Revenue Ops That Drives Customers

Customer-Led RevOps properly focuses your strategies on customer experiences and aligns all marketing and product efforts with real customer growth.