Turn your customer lifecycle into a revenue-generating machine.

Take command of your marketing data, tech stack, and processes to achieve sustained, efficient growth with our Lifecycle Marketing Agency.

Success requires building a rock-solid customer lifecycle.

With lifecycle marketing done right, your tech company can connect and align people, process, and technology to streamline the customer journey and your team’s effectiveness, leading to increased revenue.

How does your lifecycle marketing measure up?

Lifecycle marketing powered by Customer Generation.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Optimize paid campaigns with complete attribution data and drive more pipeline, not form fills.

Lifecycle Design

Map the precise lifecycle of your ICP to inform strategy, budget, and maximize LTV:CAC.

CRM Optimization

Setup your CRM for optimal usability and data accuracy to unite your marketing and sales teams.

Data Orchestration

Gather and centralize siloed data from multiple locations to improve reporting, insights, and strategy.

Attribution Strategy

See the complete picture of channel performance and attribution, and allocate budget with confidence.

Gap Analysis & Strategy

Identify lifecycle leaks across processes, data, and technology to foolproof your pipeline.

Directive has been super easy to work with and I wouldn't recommend other folks at this point for Lifecycle Marketing.

Stefan Castelán

Head of Marketing

Build a complete, foolproof lifecycle funnel with no leaks.

We hit the ground running and optimize your paid campaigns for pipeline, not form fills. By creating a seamless customer experience, tracking all conversions, and scoring leads effectively, targeting and performance are improved.

Build your Lifecycle Marketing strategy →

Unlock accurate forecasts and optimal budget allocation.

Understanding which campaigns and channels are driving revenue allow your marketing team to make accurate spend predictions at every lifecycle stage. We develop attribution models that are specific to your unique buyer lifecycles and channels.

Take control of your CRM and data to put together a performance machine.

We dive deep into how your systems are set up to compliment your business process, increase your deal velocity, keep sales and marketing aligned, and most importantly, deliver an exceptional experience to your customers and clients.

Equip your Paid Media & SEO efforts with accurate pipeline visualizations.

We provide complete data orchestration to standardize how you collect, prepare, enrich, and visualize your data: evaluate CRM and marketing automation data connections, determine ability for Closed/Won analysis and Funnel Metric reporting, and more.

Get your lifecycle marketing, Customer Generation ready, in 90 days.