SEO Aligned To Generate Actual Revenue

Customer-Led SEO Solutions

Driving customers and revenue. Not rankings and keywords.




has changed.

SEO is no longer a technical discipline, it’s a product function and a marketing function.

Everything starts with the customer. Customer insights drive customer segmentation that creates personalized customer experiences.

Gone are the days of “SEO copy” and “SEO landing pages” - the most successful companies build websites structured around their customer segments with a content strategy that matches JTBD for their ideal customers.

That’s why we have developed a new approach to SEO called Customer-Led SEO.

Old SEO Thinking vs.

Customer-Led SEO

For too long SEO has focused on rankings and driving traffic. Customer-Led SEO forgoes the funnel for a customer lifecycle approach designed to acquire, sell, and retain customers.


Analyzing Google SERPs for features

User testing SERPs to understand customer intent

Adding "SEO copy" to landing pages

Using customer language to meet objections, clarify messaging, and drive conversions

"SEO content" based on keywords that do not drive leads

JTBD content mapped to the customer journey

Boring SEO audit documents

Customer driven strategy & prioritization

Keyword reporting

Customer segment dashboards

Technical tweaks

Iterating, testing, & continuous growth

The Principles of

Customer-Led SEO

Principle 1

Customer insights are the best data

Competitors, rankings, links, page speed, indexation. Big data, we got ’em all. But the most valuable data is insight from your customers. Customer interviews & customer research drives our approach to customer segments, keyword research, landing page creation and content strategy.

Principle 2

Content that meets customers' Jobs to Be Done

Your product is not for the masses. Our Customer-Led approach gives you the power to impact business KPIs such as: average contract value, trial conversion rate, lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and more. By focusing on your most valuable customers, you truly are in control.

Principle 3

Scale to meet breadth of customer needs

SEO only works when it scales. For every customer segment there’s a unique mix of intents, questions and jobs to be done. We deploy strategies like templates, guides, glossaries & education libraries that scale to meet your customers where they are at every step of the journey.

Principle 4

Iteration and learning powers growth

Content briefs are not enough – you need to be constantly updating, iterating and improving your core landing pages to convert traffic into customers. Using customer insights to create pages that convert, testing our pages, and continually improving and expanding to create defensible growth.

SEO That Drives Customers

Customer-Led SEO creates better customer experiences and aligns your
organic strategies with your product and marketing strategy to drive real customer growth.