Content Strategy Generates Over 2 Million Impressions in Under 4 Months

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Establishing digital authority leads to 2750% MQL increase


Content strategy generates over 2 million impressions in 3 months

Paid Social

LinkedIn ABM advertising strategy leads to 31% increase in leads


Directory optimization increases BoFu conversion rates by 336%

200+ Leading SaaS companies trust us to drive Results


Directive adds a lot of bandwidth to our team and provides focus in areas that we are not always able to dedicate time to, but that can have short and long-term impact. Their keen focus on SEO and their ability to provide content recommendations help us use our internal resources wisely and spend time where we know we can make a difference.

Sonya Hansen

Director of Demand Generation, Matillion

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Content Strategy Generates Over 2 Million Impressions in Under 4 Months

Targeted SEO Strategy Drives 46% Increase in Conversions

"We track our total paid clicks, our ad-click-to-lead ratio, and then cost per lead. I was seeing positive results within the first 60 days."

Shaun Black

Director of Global Marketing
"They cleaned up any issues we had with our AdWords. We’ve seen an increase of leads up to 30% and were able to start new campaigns, such as targeted funnel campaigns."

Tiffany Wakimoto

Digital Marketing Manager

Customer-Led SEO Strategy Positions ZeroFOX for Dramatic Growth

ZeroFOX Platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more. The patented ZeroFOX SaaS technology processes and protects millions of posts, messages and accounts daily across the social and digital landscape.


increase in leads YOY


increase in organic traffic


top 5 organically ranked pages

Offline Conversion Tracking: A More Accurate Arrow

Targeting Visibility Towards Where Your Viewers Really Are

Testing with Confidence to Find the Sweet Spot

Query-Driven Search & Content That Answers

"I look forward to the calls we have with them on a weekly basis."

Jon Peacock

Director of Marketing Tech and Analytics, Procare
"Great time and thought are put into their detailed and frequent reports; which offer tactics, suggestions, and overall strategies for growth and improvement."

Dominating Search & Mental Real Estate Wins Big For ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel, the #1 Facilities Management Platform,
is used by global multi-location brands to see inside their buildings, assets, and provider networks — and deliver amazing customer experiences at every location. The ServiceChannel platform captures the industry’s richest performance data, with billions of data points drawn from 100 million work orders and over 70,000 providers.


increase in Pipeline Revenue QoQ


decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

Establishing digital authority leads to 2750% MQL increase

Brand discoverability campaign leads to 282% increase in organic traffic

Digital asset creation strategy leads to 121% increase in organic leads

SEO & PPC strategy helps exceed lead generation goals by 500%

"“Directive has been instrumental to the growth we’ve seen during the last year and a half.”"

Amanda Morgan

Marketing Director, Vyond
"Too often, agencies make suggestions based on a whim or a feeling. Not Directive — they make data-based suggestions that have clear benefits."

LinkedIn ABM advertising strategy leads to 31% increase in paid leads QoQ

TigerConnect is a cloud-based clinical communication platform that modernizes collaboration among doctors, nurses, patients, and care teams. The solution combines a consumer-like user experience with the strict security requirements that meet contemporary healthcare organizations’ needs and protocols.

Using TigerConnect, healthcare providers are able to speed up productivity, lower costs, and improve overall patient outcomes.


Increase in paid leads, QoQ


Increase in overall visits from LinkedIn, QoQ


Decrease in cost-per-acquisition, QoQ

Alpha/Beta campaign segmentation strategy drives 78% MQL increase in under 6 months

Free trial lead generation strategy leads to 238% conversion rate increase

Leveraging third-party directories accelerates bottom-of-funnel conversion rates by 336%

Introducing multi-step lead forms slashes cost-per-lead by 65%

"Pay-per-click spending decreased by 20% and conversion rate increased by 4% immediately after signing Directive Consulting."

"“Every single quarter we've been breaking records. We never thought LinkedIn lead generation was going to be one of our highest performing channels. LinkedIn has been completely untapped territory and we're getting so many leads from that.""

Emily Thompson

Marketing Manager/Demand Generation, Cosential

Buyer-centric paid and organic search strategy leads to a 251% increase in leads

SentinelOne is an endpoint security software company that offers a complete solution for threat prevention, detection, response, and hunting. The platform uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to isolate malicious behaviors and protect users against targeted security attacks in real-time.


Increase in digital leads


Increase in organic traffic


Decrease in bounce rate

Increasing Market Share on SERPs & CRO increases conversions by 148%

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