We Are The B2B Search Marketing Agency

You are looking for a search marketing agency that truly understands B2B and the enterprise space. We provide industry leading SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media services.

 We Are The B2B Search Marketing Agency

We Are Thought Leaders.

We believe the brightest marketers freely share their expertise and experience. By contributing to the industry, we aspire to influence B2B marketers to do and be more.

We Are Specialists.

We are fully focused on being the best B2B search marketing agency in the world. We are not full-service and proud of it.

We Are Real.

We eat our own dog food. Almost 100% of all new business we generate is through our own search marketing efforts. We fully rely on and believe in every service we sell.

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Meet Our Team

Garrett Mehrguth
Garrett Mehrguth CEO & Co-Founder
Tanner Shaffer
Tanner Shaffer COO & Co-Founder
Brady Cramm
Brady Cramm Director of PPC
Jesse Seilhan
Jesse Seilhan Director of Accounts
Andrew Choco
Andrew Choco Director of Sales Development
Andy Monte
Andy Monte Director of SEO
Miranda Alzaiem
Miranda Alzaiem Director of Content
Brian Normandin
Brian Normandin Sales Director
Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson Lead PPC
Chip Cox
Chip Cox Agency Operations & Technical SEO
Davit Aleksanyan
Davit Aleksanyan PPC Specialist
Grace Pan
Grace Pan CRO Designer
Anh Dang
Anh Dang PPC Specialist
Soroosh Nikaein
Soroosh Nikaein Data Analyst
Jason Rankin
Jason Rankin Senior Consultant
Olivia Ross
Olivia Ross CRO Designer
Brian Bui
Brian Bui Account Manager
Hadassah Pegado
Hadassah Pegado SEO Specialist
Sam Becker-Miyadai
Sam Becker-Miyadai Account Manager
Sunny Mohan
Sunny Mohan SEO Specialist
Vanessa Charette
Vanessa Charette SEO Specialist
Kevin Merkel
Kevin Merkel CRO Designer
Robin Ching
Robin Ching Account Manager
Hannah Mans
Hannah Mans Senior Consultant
Marcel Esteban
Marcel Esteban Content Producer
Cassie Wiley
Cassie Wiley PPC Specialist
Jordan Matsunaga
Jordan Matsunaga Account Manager
Athena Pham
Athena Pham PPC Specialist
Christina Rattanasith
Christina Rattanasith SEO Specialist
Jim Nguyen
Jim Nguyen SEO Specialist
Ashton Meisner
Ashton Meisner SEO Specialist
Trenton Lee
Trenton Lee PPC Specialist
Rachel Parker
Rachel Parker Account Manager
JD Rinehart
JD Rinehart SEO Specialist
Patrick Sakai
Patrick Sakai PPC Specialist
Mike Salvador
Mike Salvador PPC Specialist
Max Serrato
Max Serrato PPC Specialist
Shaleen Shah
Shaleen Shah SEO Specialist
Blake Smart
Blake Smart Account Manager
Jonathan Verstegen
Jonathan Verstegen Account Executive
Kyle Willis
Kyle Willis Sales Manager