We are Directive.

A team of creatives, marketing savants, and technical specialists
who love helping in-house teams excel in competitive niches.

Built to serve B2B
& enterprise.

Every agency has a “proven process” but only we clearly connect the dots between your search marketing and revenue growth.

So whether you need to generate marketing qualified leads or help your whole brand (not just your website) get discovered in search…

Directive is here for you.

The little differences that have a big
impact on your bottom line.

Short-term ROI setting the stage
for long-term sustainability.

We break tasks into weekly sprints, monthly analysis reports, and quarterly strategy reviews.

You get to see your ROI increase week after week, as the KPIs you care about continue to climb, all with a speed of execution that would give other agencies whiplash.

Trackable and attributable results.

Every opportunity we chase is part of a larger plan for success, built upon your internal objectives, a deep understanding of your target audience, and rigorous A/B testing.

As a result, you get more SERP visibility, higher conversions, and a lower cost per opportunity—plus a dashboard that shows you how every penny spent is used to grow your business.

Mission control for all of your
search marketing, on call 24/7.

Your account is assigned a small army of experts: account manager, PPC and SEO specialists, data analyst, and designer.

That team is always working for you behind the scenes—and they’re equipped with the best software in the industry—so every one of your campaigns turns into a success story.

Meet our team. All in-house.
All pulling for you.

Our team is comprised of people from all walks of life-every one of them in-house and a specialist in their field.

Garrett Mehrguth
Tanner Shaffer
Brady Cramm
Director of PPC
Olivia Ross
Director of CRO
Jesse Seilhan
Director of Client Services
Hannah Mans
Director of Marketing
Andy Monte
Director of SEO
Andrew Choco
Account Executive
Miranda Alzaiem
Lead SEO
Josh Nelson
Lead PPC
Davit Aleksanyan
Account Manager
Grace Pan
CRO Designer
Anh Dang
Lead PPC
Soroosh Nikaein
Data Analyst
Jason Rankin
Account Manager
Brian Bui
Senior Account Manager
Hadassah Pegado
SEO Specialist
Reneir Cruz
Account Manager
Sam Becker-Miyadai
Account Manager
Rhett Hartsfield
Account Manager
Steven Tiritilli
Account Manager
Sarah Drake
Sales Development Representative
Sunny Mohan
Jr. Lead SEO
Vanessa Charette
SEO Specialist
Kevin Merkel
CRO Designer
Robin Ching
Account Manager
Marcel Esteban
Creative Content Producer
Cassie Wiley
SEO Specialist
Jordan Matsunaga
Senior Account Manager
Athena Pham
PPC Specialist
Christina Rattanasith
SEO Specialist
Jim Nguyen
Account Manager
Ashton Meisner
Media Relations and Marketing Manager
Trenton Lee
PPC Specialist
JD Rinehart
SEO Specialist
Patrick Sakai
PPC Specialist
Mike Salvador
Senior PPC Specialist
Max Serrato
PPC Specialist
Shaleen Shah
Senior SEO Specialist
Blake Smart
Account Manager
Jonathan Verstegen
Sales Development Representative

“With a customer-first attitude, the team communicates efficiently, responsively, and promptly. Having a range of industry expertise, they’ve established themselves as a valuable partner.”

John Palmer
Digital Marketing Specialist

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We foster a warm, welcoming environment and we’re always on the lookout for new talent to help us (and our clients!) succeed.

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