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ABM for SaaS: The Definitive Framework

Level up your LinkedIn strategy with this ABM framework built specifically for SaaS companies. Get instant access to our free guide now.

SEO for SaaS: The Definitive Playbook

Discover how to grow your online discoverability organically with this proven framework, built specifically for SaaS companies.

Smart Broad: A Next Generation Google Search Campaign

A guide to leveraging Google's AI-powered technology for improved search performance.

How to Optimize Your Google Ads Budget From KPI Metrics

How much should your department be spending on Google Ads?   There’s more that goes into the budget-planning process than simply choosing a number or accepting what the board or the executive team assigns. Being able to attribute pipeline impact back to a specific Google Ads campaign is vital. This allows you to see which […]

Foundational Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you focused on the foundational elements of marketing success? Some of the previous “best” digital marketing ideas have started to obtain diminishing returns over the last two years. It’s essential to continuously assess what you’re working toward in your current digital marketing strategy.

5 Stages of Consumer Decision Making

This guide breaks down how to meet consumers wherever they are as they move closer to making purchasing decisions.

Comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Use this guide as a reference to understand what CRO is and why it's essential to meet your potential customers right where they are.

B2B Marketing & Demand Generation Guide

This e-book will give you actionable tactics to execute a B2B marketing and demand generation strategy over a six month period.

Search Marketing Roles

Use this as a reference to identify the search marketing roles you’ll want filled to achieve your goals.

Search Marketing Breakdown

Investing in search marketing is essential for your organization to increase website traffic and expanding your company’s growth.

19-Point Checklist for Restarting Your B2B Search Marketing Efforts

Good search marketing doesn’t just happen. Utilize this checklist to ensure that your search marketing efforts are set up for success.


Search Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

Paid search insights and recommendations for software marketers navigating the new normal.

State of Search Marketing 2020

The latest search marketing data, insights, and industry benchmarks for software marketers.

Directive Search Marketing Benchmark Report | SaaS Edition

Gain valuable insights into the effects of search marketing from statistics based on results from SaaS companies.


The LTV:CAC Cheat Sheet

LTV:CAC is an essential metric for measuring the profitability of your SaaS marketing activities. Learn how to calculate LTV:CAC and use it to prioritize spend across marketing channels.

How to Talk SEO to Your CMO

To sell the value of SEO internally at your organization, you need to know how to speak the language of the C-suite. Learn how to talk SEO to your CMO.

MQL vs SQL: The Great SaaS Metric Debate

Is the MQL as valuable as it once was? Maybe it's time for the SQL to have a seat at the table. Let's settle the MQL vs SQL debate.

Discover How We Increased Bottom-of-Funnel Conversion Rates by 336% in One Quarter

Dive into the strategy we utilized with cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions provider Xactly, to increase search engine visibility to their ideal customer persona at the bottom of the funnel.

Discover How Adding a Mid-Funnel Offer Increased Conversions by 122%

Read the strategy behind how eSUB, a cloud-based project management platform, successfully optimized their entire digital approach – starting from the very beginning with a foundation built on strategic keyword research.

Discover How One Piece of Strategic Content Leads to 27 Demo Requests in Five Months

Uncover the strategy behind an HR software leader's success in increasing overall search visibility, driving more organic traffic and bottom-of-the-funnel leads.

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10 B2B Marketing Plan Examples To Help You Stay Organized

As complicated as B2B marketing can be – it’s easy to get caught up in different B2B marketing strategies, channels, campaigns, and tactics. Having a plan is the best way to keep things secure and structured. Whether your plan is meticulous, loose, or a combination of both, having that plan will keep you focused. Depending […]

Jesse Seilhan In Content

The Recipe for a Winning B2B Facebook Ads Strategy

While a majority of B2C companies are crushing the social media marketing game, many B2B organizations are lagging behind. Even with Facebook’s growing popularity, many B2B brands still struggle to nail down an effective strategy. The problem? The B2B buyer’s journey is much longer and more complex than that of a general consumer. It’s going […]

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