Paid Media Aligned To Generate Actual Customers

Customer-Led Paid Media Solutions

Paid Media Strategies That Drive Customers, Not Just Conversions

Paid Media

Paid Media

Paid Media

has changed.

Paid Media has evolved beyond the average PPC campaign blindly chasing legacy metrics.

Gated assets and MQLs are relics of a bygone era.  For SaaS companies, this ‘middle of the funnel’ is the dead zone, and does not drive ROI.

Customer-Led Paid Media leverages first-party data for targeted brand awareness (TOF) and high-conversion direct response campaigns (BOF) - across Paid Search, Social Media, Programmatic advertising, and Review Sites and Directories.

Customer-Led Paid Media changes the paradigm of how we connect and convert. It’s more than an ad, it’s a first impression - and first impressions matter. Highly relevant, personalized ads at first-touch lead to stronger conversions.  

This is easier said than done. A deep level of Customer intelligence is required, across first party data, TAM segmentation, personas, and customer voice. But the results are worth it. 

Old Paid Media Thinking vs.

Customer-Led Paid Media

Customer-Led Paid Media places the customer at the center of our campaigns, driving qualified brand awareness and sales actions like SQLs, demos, and trials.


MQL targeting using 3rd Party Data

SQL targeting using 1st Party Data & TAM

Gate assets mid funnel to capture MQLs

Delete "middle-of-funnel" and capture SQLs directly

Ad creative & messaging based on trends and assumptions

Ad creative & messaging based on Customer voice, needs, & JTBD

Spend entire ad budgets and hope for the best

Financial modeling and reporting to validate success

Ads driven to generic landing pages

Ads driven to custom landing pages, optimized for conversion

The Principles of

Customer-Led Paid Media

Principle 1

First Party Data

First-party data drives pre-qualified, targeted paid media campaigns

Principle 2

Know Thy Customer

Know thy customer, with hyper-segmentation and personas

Principle 3

Jobs To Be Done

Messaging and copy mirrors the customer voice, with their needs & JTBD

Principle 4

SQLs Over MQLs

Revenue and SQLs beat MQLs every day, target accordingly

Principle 5

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling and reporting empowers previously uninformed budget allocation

Paid Media That Drives Customers

Customer-Led Paid Media creates better customer experiences and aligns your
paid campaigns with your product and marketing strategy to drive real customer growth.