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Why the best partner with Directive


Why Partner With Directive

We take great pride in serving some of the most progressive and innovative B2B SaaS and enterprise brands.

Our customer-led approach expands into the software solutions we leverage for our clients. Becoming a software partner of ours means that your company's platform service will be integrated into the strategies we propose to our clients.

Referral Partner Program

Our referral program prioritizes leads our partners send and result in commission shares paid out on Directive closed-won deals.
Choosing to become a referral partner means your agency has connections to B2B SaaS companies or enterprise brands that your team cannot service due to your designated capabilities, expertise or bandwidth. Rest assured that your lead will be a top priority and if we close the deal your team will earn a referral commission percentage.

Software Partner Program

Becoming a software partner with us means that your platform or service will be considered a solution-based part of our client offerings.
While we currently don’t resell for our partners, our account strategists do become experts in your capabilities and when it makes sense will proactively incorporate your software with our client’s strategies.

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