Customer Generation is the new
B2B marketing playbook.

The B2B landscape has changed. “More customers” is no longer enough. You need the right
customers; the ones who stay for the long haul and advocate for your brand.

Activate Your Brand AND Performance

In the face of mounting customer acquisition challenges, maximizing CLTV is crucial for success. With Customer Generation, your marketing becomes a dynamic force that supports the complete user lifecycle.

Customer Generation is powered by a deep understanding of your ideal customer segments, and leverages this knowledge to create a competitive advantage through marketing and product innovation.

The 5 Principles of Customer Generation

1st Party Data Unlocks Customer Growth

We map your Total Addressable Market (TAM), build account lists, and aggressively scale spend. 1st party data not only future-proofs your campaigns; but also gives you the confidence to grow brand advertising because every impression delivered will be a future customer.

Financial Modeling is a Need to Have

Scaling without financial modeling is a pipe dream. We partner with you to identify your most impactful levers for growth, while giving you the tools you need to improve your capital allocation.

NSMs Focus Capital & Drive Growth

The best in tech galvanize around one North Star Metric (NSM) to focus their decision making around go-to-market strategy as well as capital allocation.

Brand Creates Demand

Only 5% of buyers in the average B2B category are in-market and ready to buy at any given time. Brand campaigns ensure that the other 95% know who you are. When they enter the buying journey, your product is their first stop.

Integrated Performance Marketing Converts Demand

When your customers are ready to research, compare, and purchase (as a result of brand initiatives), integrated performance marketing ensures their experience is omni-channel, consistent, and personalized. This is how we convert demand into Customer Generation.

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  • 1st Party Data Unlocks Customer Growth

  • Financial Modeling is a Need to Have

  • NSMs Focus Capital & Drive Growth

  • Brand Creates Demand

  • Integrated Performance Marketing Converts Demand

Customer Generation delivers what tech teams really need.

  • Brand vs Performance
  • Channel Technicians
  • Leads as NSM
  • Linear Funnel
  • Siloed Teams
  • Static Data Warehouses
  • Hard to Measure LTV
  • Marketing Manager Focus
  • Proven Tactics Only
  • Brand AND Performance
  • Multi-Channel Strategists
  • CLTV as NSM
  • Compounding Growth Loops
  • Integrated Teams
  • 1st-Party Data Put to Use
  • Financial Modeling
  • Agency That Speaks to the C-Suite
  • Proven AND Innovative Tactics to Test

Customer Generation is our approach to generating high-value customers across their full lifecycle.


Innovative solutions that drive exponential growth.

Paid Media
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic
  • Performance Creative
  • Retargeting
Owned Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lifecycle Content
  • Video Production
  • Design & Landing Pages
  • Social Proof Storytelling
Directive Strategy
  • Global GTM Strategy
  • TAM Development
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Revenue Operations
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Customer Generation

Your World with

Future-proof your campaigns to grow with confidence.

Our 1st-party data approach enables you to scale brand advertising, lower your customer acquisition costs, and create a healthier media mix.

Every touchpoint is a chance to win a customer for life.

With our Jobs to be Done (JTBD) approach, we give your content purpose. Each JTBD is tied to a business outcome of acquiring, selling, or retaining customers.

Identify your most impactful levers to unlock scale.

Improve your capital allocation with expert financial modeling. Start reallocating capital strategically to build on wins and minimize losses.

We create lasting partnerships dedicated to your success.



How Seagate achieved a 45% increase in organic traffic from target segments.

Paid Media

Swoogo's Customer Generation refresh produced $594k in revenue.


Working with Directive has been one of the best marketing decisions I've made. Their ability to provide both the strategy and execution for our paid channels has allowed me to focus on other areas of my role that need more focus and attention. Their partnership has been invaluable.
Kelly Pugh
Director of Demand Generation

Brooklyn Solar Works

We’ve worked with numerous agencies, and I can say without hesitation that Directive has been lightyears ahead of the rest. They are extremely competent and detailed in their approach. We’ve been referring them to others whenever the opportunity has come up.
Steve Nelson
VP of Sales & Marketing

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