Customer Generation

Customer Generation is a marketing methodology (developed by Directive) that focuses on SQLs and Customers instead of legacy metrics like MQLs.

Customer Generation is the natural evolution of demand generation.

MQLs do not pay the bills, customers do.

Our customer-led approach drives alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success resulting in higher performance and greater confidence in your ability to allocate capital.

Delivering on the Promise Demand Gen Forgot About

Your product is not for everyone. Unfortunately, traditional demand generation campaigns forgot about this. By leveraging first party data, detailed segmentation, and emotion we motivate your ideal customer from apathy to action.


The 5 principles of

Customer Generation

Principle 1

1st Party Data Unlocks Scale

We map your Total Addressable Market (TAM), build account lists, and aggressively scale spend. 1st party data not only future proofs your campaigns; but also gives you the confidence to grow brand advertising because every impression delivered will be a future customer.

Principle 2

Customer-Led > Product-Led

Your product is not for the masses. Our Customer-Led approach gives you the power to impact business KPIs such as: average contract value, trial conversion rate, lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and more. By focusing on your most valuable customers, you truly are in control.

Principle 3

Financial Modeling is a Need to Have

Scale without financial modeling is a pipe dream. We partner with you to identify your most impactful levers through our customer-led marketing ops team, while giving you the tools needed to improve your capital allocation.

Principle 4

SQLs Beat MQLs Everytime

MQLs are like balloons. When they inevitably pop, there’s nothing inside. Great marketing makes you money. Let’s keep this one simple.

Principle 5

There’s No Such Thing as B2B

Your customers are people, not corporations. They hate inhumane marketing as much as you do, we promise. Let’s change the expectation of what B2B marketing is together.

Demand Generation

Customer Generation

Demand Generation
Customer Generation
3rd Party Data for Targeting
1st Party Data for Targeting
Product-Led Approach for Go-To-Market
Customer-Led Approach for Go-To-Market
“ROI” is the goal. No tracking req.
LTV:CAC ratio is the goal. Tracking req.
Indicator of marketing success: MQL
Indicator of revenue success: SQL
Don’t Stand Out, We are B2B
Create Emotional Experiences: We are B2C

Customer Generation

Your World with

Scale Brand Advertising

Our 1st party data approach gives you the ability to scale brand advertising, lower your customer acquisition costs, and create a healthier media mix.

Believe in Content Marketing Again

Your content deserves to make you money. With our Jobs to be Done (JTBD) methodology, we give your content a purpose and tie it to a business outcome of acquiring, selling, or retaining customers.

Allocate and Grow Your Budget with Confidence

Should you increase your spend on LinkedIn or create more content? Our strategists, powered by Customer Generation, help you answer the most impactful questions you face.


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