Predictable revenue starts with sophisticated marketing operations.

Align your organization around processes and tech that improve the performance of your day-to-day marketing.

Get more clarity, consistency, and control around your marketing.

Our methodology

Customer-led marketing operations ensures the reliability of your data and the utility of your tech stack. With better visibility into your campaigns, we can identify, prioritize, and execute on the most profitable opportunities.

As an extension of your operations team, we provide hands-on support for ABM, lifecycle, lead scoring, lead routing, and reporting – with full integration of your Marketing Automation Platform.

Increased closed/won revenue
We set your systems up to compliment your business processes, increase deal velocity, align teams, and magnetize your ICP to your brand.
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Drive more marketing revenue, efficiently.

Marketing operations is the backbone of data-backed, high-performing marketing campaigns.
MAP Audit & Optimization
Set up your Marketing Automation Platform to unite sales and marketing with reliable, consistent data.
Find and fix lifecycle leaks across the entire bowtie funnel to maximize conversions and LTV:CAC.
Offline Conversion Tracking & Reporting
Get clearer visibility into your marketing efforts and gain an understanding of where you should be allocating budget, backed by data.
Lead Scoring
& Lead Routing
Optimize your pipeline management with comprehensive lead scoring and lead routing that your sales team will love you for.
Integrations & ABM
Get hands-on support for ABM with full integration of your Marketing Automation Platform.
Pipeline Nurture & Email Campaigns
Support the execution, planning, and optimization of nurture and email campaigns within your MAP.

Optimize your marketing investments, from your tech stack to your ad spend.

Marketing operations for saas
Our Customer Generation approach to marketing operations informs the processes, automations, and programs that lead to success.

Get on the fastest path to revenue growth with marketing operations from Directive.