Supercharge brand discoverability with Performance Video.

Build strategic and innovative video campaigns that drive TAM saturation, continuous lead generation, and pipeline growth.

Video is the #1 way to satisfy your buyers' needs.

Earn measurable ROI and growth by engaging with and influencing your target customers at every stage of their self-research journey.

We create custom video cuts for deployment across all your brand channels, optimized for audience, length, channel, CTAs, and conversions.

Hero Brand Campaigns

Brand Campaigns are highly effective when 1 bold brand video is expertly transformed and deployed across multiple assets & channels, engaging your ICP at every stage. Create a 24/7 buyer engagement & conversion funnel with video.

Package 1

Develop ad units on channels such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and additional content for Programmatic.

  • Image Ad Sets
  • Motion Ad Sets
  • Web Banner Design Set
  • Additional 15s Video Cut

Package 2

Create a full-funnel experience with buyer resources and conversion opportunities with ads, and 3-5 landing page designs and builds.

  • Wireframe Design
  • High Fidelity Design
  • Unbounce Build

Package 3

Get everything in package 1 and 2, plus a complete branded story by amplifying your Brand Campaign concept across all other marketing materials.

  • Marketing Collateral & Content
  • Blog Post Image Assets
  • Email Mockups & Design

Create a 24/7 buyer engagement & conversion funnel with video.


  • Brand Overview Videos: Introduce your brand and seize more positive mind-share with your TAM. Videos range from 30-second broadcast commercials to longer brand overview videos for Social, Programmatic, YouTube & more.
  • Social Video Content: Win more viewership and consideration with your ICP on the social channels where they spend the most time. Videos vary in length from 15-45 seconds on channels including: LinkedIn, Meta & more.
  • Video Ads & Looping Animations: Combine performance video with strategic targeting to influence your ICP at every lifecycle stage. Video ads range from 10-30 seconds on channels such as Programmatic, LinkedIn, Meta, TikTok & more.


  • Product Explainer Videos: Showcase your product targeted for your ICP and drive demos, trials, and conversions. Product explainer videos range from 60-90 seconds for placement on social, website & landing pages.
  • Customer Testimonials: Supercharge brand and product validation and build a powerful library of client reviews. Customer testimonial videos range from 60-90 seconds for placement on social, website & landing pages.
  • Blog Video Content: Enhance your top-performing blog and thought leadership content for multi-channel distribution. Blog content videos vary in length depending on the content for social channels, YouTube & website.
  • Website Animation Package: Increase site performance and conversions by highlighting specific, valuable site content for your target buyers. Looping animations and GIFs are custom-made to content types & unique user experiences.


  • Product Demo Videos: Convert interest into action and prospects into customers with the demo experience of your product. Videos are custom to the product and use case and are built for website, landing pages & YouTube.
  • Case Study Videos: Showcase customer success by use case, industry, and more to convert buyers in the evaluation stage. Videos range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for website, landing pages, YouTube & social channels.
  • Tutorials and How-Tos: Help prospects and customers best leverage your product and increase usage and adoption. Tutorial videos vary depending on the depth required for website, course platforms, YouTube & more.

We enlisted the help of Directive to create our first big marketing video and could not have been more pleased with the final product—everyone at Extend was so excited to show it off. The creatives made our brand come to life through animation and inadvertently helped us evolve our visual identity overall. The entire team at Directive was so collaborative, and so easy and fun to work with—we will definitely be back for more!

Katherine Vreeland

Senior Marketer

Allocate video budget & forecast revenue with high confidence.

Financial modeling and smart capital allocation are one of our largest drivers of performance, revenue impact, and growth. We audit historical spend and performance, establish LTV:CAC estimates per video, and provide continuous optimization.

Build your Video strategy →

Video performance powered by the best customer targeting in tech.

TAM accuracy and precise targeting are key factors that unlock superior video performance and significantly impact revenue. We pinpoint your most profitable ICPs, enrich your customer list, define your buyer personas, perform a lifecycle analysis and more.

Build stories that speak to your ideal customers.

We produce videos optimized for a complete discoverability cycle through emotive scripts with a unique positioning, informed mood boards based on persona and competitive research, storyboards with intentional framing, and the ultimate audio mix.

Ready to grow your customer base with an innovative video strategy?