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Directive is the only search marketing agency in the UK that exclusively works with global leaders in B2B and enterprise firms. The team hails from across the globe offering a wide range of services including search engine optimization, PPC marketing management, CRO, content and social media advertising.

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Commonly asked questions

What makes Directive different than other agencies in the United Kingdom?

Unlike other UK agencies, Directive has consultants around the world working with global B2B SaaS and software companies. When you work with Directive, it will feel like we are just another member of your team. You don’t just work with an account manager who connects with you once every other week. You work with a team of search marketing professionals who consistently communicate with you and your team and execute on a weekly basis.

What differentiates your approach to Search Engine Marketing?

Innovation. As an SEM agency that works hand-in-hand with enterprise software companies, we understand exactly what it takes to scale search marketing efforts for SaaS businesses. We use a unique CAC-LTV model that forecasts our ROI for both PPC and SEO. We even have our own set of SaaS products, Institute and Pulse.

How does Directive integrate other digital marketing strategies into search marketing?

As a team, we want to maximize our value by integrating our paid search, paid social media, and SEO strategies with your current efforts in email marketing, social media, and more. Our team of search marketing experts understands what it takes to increase your online presence across all channels including Google, Bing, Social Media, and more.

Where are you located in the UK?

We have a satellite office in the City of London; however, we have members of our team located all around the world.

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