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Directive is the only performance marketing agency in Toronto that exclusively works with leading B2B SaaS companies. The team hails from across the globe offering a wide range of services including search engine optimization, paid media, creative, revenue operations and GTM strategy development.

181 University Avenue Suite 2100, Toronto, ON M5H 3M7

Commonly asked questions

What makes Directive different than other agencies in Toronto?

Directive is the largest performance marketing agency specializing specifically in the SaaS space. With 8+ years of experience working with 300+ SaaS companies, we know what it takes to craft a strategy that actually fuels business growth. Such a large and specific portfolio of SaaS clients comes with crucial benchmark data that allows us to hit the ground running with your campaigns.

What differentiates your approach to Performance Marketing?

Directive’s methodology is called Customer Generation, which makes sure that every strategy we propose is directly aimed at a manually verified, hand-picked target account. Directive’s involvement doesn’t stop at standard top-of-funnel metrics, but is focused on driving sales-qualified leads and using LTV:CAC to financially validate our efforts across all of your marketing channels.

How does Directive integrate other digital marketing strategies into search marketing?

Directive was built to empower your company’s demand generation. On top of our Paid Media and SEO deliverables, we also built departments for all of your Design, Strategy, and Lifecycle Marketing needs. Our goal is to be involved in driving success throughout the entire digital buyer’s journey.

Where are you located in Toronto?

Our office is coming soon, stay tuned!

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