4 Vital Marketing Roles That Your Organizational Chart Needs to Include [VIDEO]

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to chat with you today about four marketing roles that your organizational chart needs to include. The reality is that one of the roles you probably have, but the other three, we should take a harder look at.


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Creative Content Producer/Designer

Organizational Chart


Let’s start with the role that you probably don’t have, and that’s a Creative Content Producer/Designer. (P.S. These roles are going to have a lot of slashes because it’s important that you can stay nimble and obviously try to reduce your headcount while maximizing your efficiency.)


In my opinion, the future of content marketing is visual. We’re doing these videos because we truly believe that we can better interact and engage with our audience — you — through video content. If you want to think forward about your content strategy, investing and making sure that your marketing organizational chart has a Creative Content Producer — that is design first — is going to be a huge part.

Task Buster/”Growth Hacker”

Organizational Chart

The second role is so often not included that it scares me. This person is what we’ll call the Task Buster — or what the market calls a “Growth Hacker”. This person is willing to do the dirty work. They’re willing to put Quora in the SEMrush and then filter every keyword related to the product and services you sell and enter world-class answers to those Quora questions.

They’re willing to do any and everything and sustain that to make sure your brand is a part of every possible discussion. It’s a critical role — that frankly, a lot of times — we try to put this on a marketing manager, but we also put 30,000 other things on their plate. This person is such a vital role and can really help lower your cost per acquisition through simply their sheer amount of will they have to position your brand.

Acquisition Specialist

Organizational Chart

The third role is the Acquisition Specialist. I’m trying to keep your marketing organizational chart as tight as possible and keep the headcount down while simultaneously not putting too many things on any one person. Now, the acquisition specialist is important because you can definitely outsource your SEO, PPC, and content work, so you can keep your headcount down internally.

Your Acquisition Specialist needs to be able to manage the agencies or in-house people, so they need to know what your actual target CPA is and why. They need to be able to understand if the PPC report you’re getting is real or fake. They need to be able to understand if the link-building you’re doing is real or, once again, fake.

There’s so much noise in the acquisition space that having someone internally that can manage and align your outsource acquisition team with your internal brand values, goals, and corporate objectives is really important. It will drastically improve the ROI you invest in search marketing and acquisition tactics like Share of SERP. The reality is, sales teams need someone to report to and acquisition agencies need someone to report to. The more educated that point of contact is, the better returns you’re going to have on your investment.


Organizational Chart

Lastly, the most obvious one is a Director or a Manager to manage these three roles. Now, obviously, you know, marketing org charts, you’re going to have your demand gen person, you’re going to have your ABM person. You can go on a million different directions, but if you can distill the most important parts of your strategy, you simply need:

  • To be found when people are looking for the products or services you offer
  • What they find has to be creatively better than anything else in the market
  • When they’re not just on your site but actually in the market, they need to hear about you

So, that would be your creative person, your acquisition person, your growth person, and the fourth is a director to manage them to make sure that everything you’re doing is aligned with a bigger objective and a tighter goal that can push the company forward from the marketing department.


Hopefully, this will help you understand some roles if you don’t have them, or that you already maybe have too many of, that you could kind of simplify and focus your marketing organizational chart. We’d love to see if you have any comments or questions. Go ahead and leave it in the comment below and feel free to subscribe to the channel. Thanks!

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