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PPC Consulting

We consult with in-house teams at enterprise brands to scale PPC campaigns

Our PPC consulting services drive scale, creativity, analysis, and sustainability – resulting in more impactful in-house advertising teams that get the credit they deserve.

PPC consulting that pays for itself

With deep data competencies, we measure the impact of our partnership and make sure that our value is evident and easily trackable. Time is the most valuable resource in-house marketers have, we make sure you spend your time on what is going to truly move the needle for your brand.

“We track our total paid clicks, our ad-click-to-lead ratio, and then cost per lead. I was seeing positive results within the first 60 days.”

Shaun Black
Director of Global Marketing

Our PPC consultants are firmly grounded in reality

Alignment is the foundation of consulting success

We value the unique constraints of the in-house advertiser and revel in difficult situations.

We take the hours necessary to learn your situation, understand your objectives, and align ourselves with your actual needs.

“Our cost-per-acquisition has gone down and the number of prospective customers that we’re able to get in front of has increased.”

Sara Pollock
VP of Marketing

Deep data competencies

With multiple SQL developers on staff, we have built PPC data across over 15,000 companies and 33 verticals.

Because of this deep data competency, we are able to provide exponentially more accurate advice and recommendations then commonly available.

“Directive’s efforts increase marketing-qualified leads (MQL) and provide insights into cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Their team is professional and maintains a thorough understanding of the service industry to deliver top-notch solutions.”

An Bui
Director of Demand Generation

PPC consulting that’s actually worth it

Account Re-Builds

Are you stuck? Do your campaigns feel unmanageable? Is “scale” not a reality? Our team of PPC consultants specializes in understanding your current setup and rebuilding (if that’s what’s best) your account for success.

Creative Strategies

With experience across hundreds of accounts and millions in spend, our team is able to draw from unique experiences in different verticals to generate creative strategies that stand out from your competition.

Customizable Analytics

Through our in-house data team, we are able to build custom dashboards, proprietary data sets, and leverage data-driven analysis to uncover wasted spend and illuminate key performance opportunities.

In-House CRO

For scale, you need conversion rates that allow for a manageable cost per acquisition. We recognize this and give you direct access to some of the most talented conversion rate optimizers in the industry.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Communication and rapport are critical for consulting success. We give you direct access to a dedicated point of contact who has deep experience in PPC and most likely seen success in your exact vertical.

We’ve done it before.
We’ll do it for you.

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you get discovered.

We make you completely unmissable.