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PPC Management Services

We help enterprise brands change the way their PPC is being managed

Whether eCommerce or lead gen, we exceed paid search KPIs for some of the largest brands in the world. We are proven to deliver and have mastered the art/science of pay-per-click advertising.

PPC management innovated for enterprise

We have deep expertise with marketing and sales CRMs and world-class SQL developers on staff.  With full closed-loop analytics and data automation + integration, we are able to analyze your spend at a cost per sale level and efficiently allocate spend across every channel available, not just Google Ads.

We appreciate the complex nature of multi-channel spending and have built an entire PPC service based around exceeding difficult KPIs while spending your budget like our own.

We lean on Directive as an extension of our marketing team rather than a vendor. They care about what we care about — things like lead quality, opportunity creation, and revenue generation.

Sonya Hansen
Director of Demand Generation

A PPC management service that’s built for trackable ROI

Fixed-rate billing so you always win

The most important metric for managing a brand’s media budget is efficiency. With fixed-rate billing, we allow our team to actually put your best interests first.

“They show us every week where we are gaining and losing and make edits accordingly. We’ve grown in share of voice and organic search.”

Sarah Vanier
Sr. Director of Marketing

Proprietary data on every one of your competitors

We don’t have to guess when recommending spend, creative, or messaging.

With our proprietary database of over 15,000 brands, we are able to accurately benchmark your efforts and guide your team to success.

Great team, do consider them as a true extension of our internal team as they do look out and work toward the brand’s goals.

Bala Vishal
Director of Digital Marketing, Lucidworks

PPC Management you dreamed about

Account Audit

The initial account audit is done in 30 days and sets the stage for the success of all our ad efforts. From pruning wasted spend to building out new campaigns, we make sure that your account is ready for growth.

Strategy Development

After learning your industry, understanding goals, analyzing your competition, and auditing your account, we craft a custom strategy that will not only exceed your current performance but turn paid into one of your most effective channels.

Weekly Sprints

With our in-house PPC management team, we are able to dive into your account every week and constantly move the needle. With, on average, only five accounts per specialist we are built for a different type of scale.

In-House CRO Team

While PPC management is critically important, the value of CRO can not be stated enough. With our trained team of conversion rate optimization designers, we are able to take even the toughest accounts from 1-2% conversion rates to over 10% in months instead of never.

Real Account Strategists

We give you actual PPC experts who have worked with some of the biggest players in the space. Imagine having a deep advertising conversation with someone who truly understands your business and can forecast the impact of their recommendations.

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We’ll do it for you.

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