Crafting Custom Landing Pages for B2B

What is It?

The largest mistake done in the digital advertising space is sending ads to the homepage of a website. (If this is a tactic you are currently running, we think it is necessary for you to read on.)  Using a homepage as your campaign’s landing page is a strategy that lacks the strategizing process. A homepage only has the power to speak one clear (and often vague) message in the headline and requires the user to find the specific product or service that they were searching for. What if there was a way to send users to a page that speaks directly to their wants and desires? You guessed it, there is! The answer is custom landing pages.

Why is it Important?

Working smarter sometimes requires working harder.

Custom landing pages is a strategy that requires specific pages to be built for each and every campaign. Each page seamlessly flows with the path that the user used to get there. For example, an ad on Google should lead directly to a landing page that matches your ad copy somewhere above the fold. This gives the user confidence that they have arrived on the exact page that they were looking for, after all, the ad spoke to them enough to click.

Not convinced yet? We wouldn’t be either. Here is a list of advantages you gain with custom landing pages.

  • Giving One Option, Convert: With a custom landing page crafted to speak directly to your campaign’s message, you no longer have the need to link to other pages on your site. By eliminating links and only giving the option to convert, you now have a page with a 1:1 attention ratio.
  • Hyper-Specific Copy: Targeting methods across all of the popular advertising channels has created the opportunity to write hyper-relevant copy on landing pages. You can know exactly what someone searched before getting to your page, along with other important details like age, gender, and interests. Taking advantage of this knowledge in your pages copy will decrease bounce rates and take conversion rates through the roof.
  • Matching Campaign Visuals: Matching visuals from an ad campaign on your landing page is just as important as matching copy. Before the user reads a single word, they should feel comfortable seeing the same colors and imagery used in the ad or email that brought them there.
  • A/B Testing: Building custom landing pages is a continuously evolving process. Using industry leading software, you can easily A/B test your CRO (conversion rate optimization) hypothesis.
  • Desktop/Mobile Optimization: You can easily treat your desktop and mobile pages as completely different entities. Through A/B testing, you can decide what copy/imagery should be swept off mobile and kept on desktop in order to reach maximum conversion rates.

Why Us?

At Directive Consulting, we love creating landing pages and adjusting them to reach their highest potential. We start this process by analyzing our client’s industry from the inside out. Taking the time to study what top competitors are doing and learning the target markets shared traits gives us a great foundation for every page we build. Once a page launches, we keep a close eye on user behavior using heat maps and visitor recording. Once enough data is collected, we make adjustments to the pages and continue measuring performance.

For search campaigns, one of our favorite custom landing page features is dynamic keyword insertion. This feature gives us the ability to change words on a single landing page based off of the ad that users click. An example of us using this method is for the largest rat control company in Los Angeles, CA. Although rat is in their company name, they also handle all rodent related issues. With that, we have Google advertisements setup for searches like, “Rodent Control Company” and “Rodent Control Los Angeles”. These ads then go to our rat control landing page, but with custom URLs and code on the we can change every mention of the word rat to rodent. This then changes the copy to exactly what the user was looking for and drastically increases the conversion rate. Another great use for dynamic keyword insertion is changing the address on a single custom landing page for a multi-location business.

If you are reading this and think custom landing pages could increase your conversions and overall ROI, then we are on the same page. Feel free to give us a call or fill out a quick form to talk more about your future success.