We know what you’re thinking. You see certain websites and you instantly know that you like them. But you’re not quite sure why you like them. What makes all of these well designed websites so great, you ask? What do all of these websites have in common that make them so effective? We’ll tell you:

  • Simple
    • Keep it clean. Keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewer. The website should be organized so that your viewer knows exactly what they should be looking at without any distractions and they should be able to easily access the answer to any questions that they may have.
  • Informative
    • Make sure that your well designed websites have all the information that your potential consumers might need, without overwhelming them. Remember, the great part about website building is that you don’t have to speak in complete sentences. Keep to the main points, and make it clear how and when your consumers should get in contact with you.
  • Dynamic
    • We know what you’re thinking. A few seconds ago, we said that the key to having a well designed website was to keep it simple, and now we are claiming that it needs to be dynamic. Seems like an oxymoron, huh? Well, hear us out. When we say that the website should be dynamic, we mean that the energy of the website should be complex and stimulating. Use color effectively.


People Space

When you click on this website, you are instantly greeted with the two things: important information and pictures. The home page immediately tells you exactly who they are, what they specialize in, and how you can get in contact with them. It presents the perfect balance of simplicity and dynamic by having short, meaningful phrases, overall pictures of people enjoying their services. Scrolling down you’ll see a few more awesome things:

  • What they have to offer
  • Testimonials
  • Perks
  • Video
  • Pricing Plan


Ignite CFP

What the website designers of this website kept into account when designing it’s website layout, was it’s audience. Who is their audience and what do they want to see when they come to this website? After typing I ignitecfp.com into your search bar, you’ll instantly notice the video explaining what they do. This is a great idea for businesses that have a very specific industry that may not be as self-explanatory as others. This way, before exploring the rest of the website, viewers are able to understand what they do and know if they are in the right place. When designing your website it is important to remember that most of the time people are visiting your website to find answers to questions that they may have, you want to do your part to answer the questions in the most efficient and interesting way possible. Other great characteristics of this website are:

  • Color
  • Blog
  • Package Deals
  • Application Process



Call-to-actions are very important when it comes to website design. The Mfitnessnow homepage is an example of that. The first thing that you see when you enter their incredible website is who they are “Your Pasadena Personal Trainer” and a call to action “Sign Up Today and Take Your Body to the Next Level.” A call to action helps the consumer to know what their next step should be and pushes them to act. Their website is also filled with tons of information and resources on personal training and nutrition. Some other great things that this website incorporates are:

  • Schedule
  • Service Areas
  • Photo Gallery

The Cutting Edge Landscape

The Cutting Edge

We love this website design for so many reasons. First of all – the dynamic use of color. They kept it simple by making most of the website white, but since it is a landscaping company, they use splashes of the color green everywhere. We also love how the first thing you see on the website is the trustworthy and warm smile of the owner along with the inspiring slogan, “Discover Your Dream.”

  • Accomplishments
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Maps

Colorado Lockmaster

Colorado Lockmaster

Right of the bat this website lets you know that they are a 24-hour locksmith servicing Denver, Colorado. There are so many things that make this one of our well-designed websites. The beautiful scenery presented on the home page along with the contact information and the beautiful color scheme are just a few of them. Other things that we like are:

  • Price Quote Section
  • What Makes Them Different
  • Mission Statement

Directive Consulting specializes in website design and digital marketing. Let us make one of these well designed websites for you! You won’t regret it and you won’t forget it.

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