LinkedIn advertising leads to 111% traffic increase

Directive partnered with TigerConnect to expand their LinkedIn advertising to further educate on the impact of poor communication in hospitals, which lead to more traffic and qualified leads overall. 

Client overview

TigerConnect is the healthcare industry’s most widely-adopted communication platform that modernizes care collaboration among doctors, nurses, patients, and care teams. 

TigerConnect is the only solution that combines a consumer-like user experience for multiple channels, including text, video, and voice communication, with strict security requirements that meet the contemporary healthcare organizations’ demand. TigerConnect speeds up productivity, lowers costs, and improves overall patient outcomes.

The challenge

TigerConnect’s primary keywords revolved around “hipaa texting,” which has search volumes of around 100 searches per month, which isn’t very substantial. 

With few searches coming in, it was a challenge to attract the right audience to visit their website. 

The strategy

Our team concluded that we needed to expand advertising to LinkedIn in order to educate prospects about the impacts of poor communication in hospitals, since most of the traffic revolved around searchers looking for educational content, videos and more.

Given that TigerConnect had a powerful nurturing process to move top-of-funnel leads down the funnel made LinkedIn an even more viable option.

It was time to build awareness in front of new eyes.

Target testing

Our LinkedIn performance from August 2019 – October 2019 was adequate, but not great, as we received 81 leads with an average lead form completion rate of 21.32% (highest was 30.77%).

In order to focus on high value opportunities we created an account based marketing (ABM) campaign,  targeting specific companies, layered with senior job seniorities + medical skills (patient care, nursing).

This single ABM campaign produced 32 leads in the three-month period, however it was at a higher cost-per-acquisition (CPA).  

In order to reduce the CPA we created additional campaigns targeting the same ABM list, but instead, we targeted job titles, job seniorities, medical skills, job function, and interest groups.

We wanted to understand if one way of targeting had higher conversion rates than another.

The only way to find out was to test.

After running these additional campaigns targeting the same ABM list, we found that the campaign targeting job titles saw a 128.1% increase in leads with a 58.3% decrease in spend. We were also able to successfully cut CPA.

Actionable assets

The improved performance in the campaign also had to do with an asset test. 

Rather than testing one asset per campaign, we tested several assets: the State of Communications eBook as well as the Navigating the Phases of Clinical Communication eBook.

The State of Communications eBook was the biggest driver of performance in the campaign, having been responsible for 42 out of the 73 total leads in the Job Titles – ABM campaign, with form completion rates over 40%. 

31 Increase in paid leads, QoQ
111 Increase in overall visits from LinkedIn, QoQ
71 Decrease in cost-per-acquisition, QoQ

The results speak for themselves


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