3 B2B Marketing Examples That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet [VIDEO]

We’ve found 3 B2B marketing examples that you probably haven’t tried yet. We’re going to start at the bottom of the funnel and work our way up. Let’s dive in.

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B2B Marketing Example #1: Find opportunities to do display ads.


B2B Marketing Examples

Let’s pretend that you’re a charging station. You sell them to the general public, but now, you want to target B2B companies.

First, identify which websites are ranking when you search “best charging stations“.

If you actually do that query, you’ll see that Business Insider ranks #1 and a site called Lifewire ranks #2. So, those two sites are ranking very well.


B2B Marketing Examples


Now, what’s so critical about this information, is that it shows us that Google is not ranking individual websites for the bottom of the funnel for “best charging stations“.

The smartest thing to do next, is to reach out to the editor of the content that’s ranking really well and see if it’s possible to have your product or service featured on that website.

B2B Marketing Examples

If you can’t get featured, the next best thing to do is look at the ads on the top ranking pages — in this case, Business Insider and Lifewire.

B2B Marketing Examples


Oftentimes, what you’re going to see is a big banner ad above the article and on the side. These ads are powered by Google’s Display Network. If you take the exact URL of the articles that you want to target, you can actually set up a display ad right on that URL.


B2B Marketing Examples


In other words, when people are looking for the “12 best charging stations of 2018“, you could have your display ads at the top and on the right, pitching your product. Now, that’s a pretty sweet idea.


B2B Marketing Example #2: Build your brand presence.


B2B Marketing Examples

Find the biggest conference in your space. For Directive, we like B2B SaaS companies. So we’re going to look at SaaStr shout-out to Jason Lemkin.

B2B Marketing Examples

Then, go to the conference, see who’s sponsoring, and scrape all the names of the exhibitors.

B2B Marketing Examples

Put those names into a CSV file and figure out if those companies are complementary or competitors. Delete all of the competitors from your list.

B2B Marketing Examples

After that, you’re going to take your CSV file, give it to a virtual assistant, and ask the VA to find the name and email of who runs the blog at all those companies on the list.

B2B Marketing Examples

Once you’ve added them all to Pitchboxor your email cadence solution — you’re going to write a custom email cadence — a three-step email — for why they should let you guest post for their website.

B2B Marketing Examples

Bonus: We’ve actually written a blog post on how to do this with our step-by-step process and templates that you can use. Be sure to check out that blog post!

B2B Marketing Examples

Now, ideally, you’ve got all the complementary companies in your vertical, you’ve got their contact info, you’ve got an awesome email cadence, you’re emailing them, and getting about 10% to 30% success rate of people saying: “Yes, you can guest post!”

Then, when you write, you’re going to link your content to your bottom of the funnel pages.

B2B Marketing Examples

For us, that’s our services. For you, that might be your product. Whatever it may be, you’re going try to rank for your keywords by pointing anchor text relevant links from authoritative websites in your vertical, back to the page you’re trying to rank.

B2B Marketing Examples

B2B Marketing Example #3: Sponsor a podcast in your niche.


B2B Marketing Examples

Because we’re a service company, we oftentimes look at software companies or independent companies that run podcasts. After choosing the ones that complement our services best, we build a relationship with them and advertise on their podcast.

B2B Marketing Examples

We currently advertise on “Search Talk Live“, which is an SEO podcast.

B2B Marketing Examples

When sponsoring a podcast, you’re:

  • Getting access to their viewers
  • Able to add value to the podcast
  • Receiving an amazing rate

Oftentimes, these aren’t hundreds of thousands of viewers, but more importantly, they’re niched and relevant to your service lines.

So ask yourself: “Are there any niche podcasts in our space that we could sponsor?

By doing so, you’ll find that you can get a really, really strong cost per impression and a great way to differentiate your brand.

B2B Marketing Examples

3 B2B Marketing Examples You Haven’t Tried Yet: Summary

Here are 3 B2B marketing examples that you should try out today:

  1. Find display ad opportunities
  2. Guest post on other company blogs that are complementary to yours and link your content to your bottom of the funnel
  3. Sponsor podcasts in your niche

Try them out and let us know what you think. If you have any B2B marketing examples that you’d like to share and think that other people haven’t tried yet, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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B2B Marketing Examples

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