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Industry:MES Software Solutions
Founded in 1997 by two manufacturing engineers, Aegis Software has over 17 years of experience providing world-class software to their customer base. Aegis develops enterprise level MES (Marketing Execution System) Software for discrete manufacturing. They develop, market, sell, and support their solution on a global scale with offices in the US, UK, Germany, and China.

Marketing Goals

“We were looking to drive quality leads from each region. North America to start, and then expanding into Europe and - lastly - Asia.

Directive Approach

Directive’s approach is very comprehensive. It included a lot of technical SEO work on the back end which has proven very fruitful on the organic side of things. We’ve seen our metrics on the organic side go up quite a bit since engaging with Directive. They’re doing a full pay-per-click campaign for us incorporating Google, Big, and Referral Sites as well (like Capterra and Software Advisor). They are also handling our paid social promotion via Linkedin and Facebook. Content wise, writing posts that engage with a very technical engineering audience can be difficult. So Directive has been providing keyword-based topics and headlines for our content that we’re queueing up and developing internally. Directive will then incorporate that content into our paid and organic social media programs.


We track a whole slew of metrics, and they are almost all up because of Directive’s work. We’ve built fairly comprehensive web trackers that track the whole of KPIs (key performance indicators) relative to historical performance. We track overall visitors that come to the site, so we do track quality visits as well. Those have gone up relative to organic and paid quality visits. Then we have our leads. Obviously, we have a couple of different categories of leads when they come to our site and fill out different forms. Both of our form variants have increased in conversions - paid and organic. We also track our total paid clicks, cost per lead, and our ad-click-to-lead ratio. Everything is going up. We were seeing positive results in the first 60 days. And the results were definitely worth bragging about.


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