Increasing Market Share on SERPs & CRO increases conversions by 148%

Aegis Software SEO and PPC Case Study

Increasing Market Share on SERPs & CRO increases conversions by 148%

Client Overview

Founded in 1997 by two manufacturing engineers, Aegis Software has over 17 years of experience providing world-class software to their customer base. Aegis develops enterprise level MES (Marketing Execution System) Software for discrete manufacturing. They develop, market, sell, and support their solution on a global scale with offices in the US, UK, Germany, and China. 


PPC Management

SEO Management


increase in overall conversions


lowered CPA


increased monthly paid leads

“I’ve seen improvement in a lot of different areas. We’re tracking a whole slew of metrics, and they’re almost all up because of Directive’s work. Everything is going up. We were getting results I could brag about within 60 days.”

—Shaun Black, Director of Global Marketing, Aegis

The Challenge

Aegis was was looking to drive quality leads from each region. North America to start, and then expanding into Europe and – lastly – Asia. They have done some SEO and PPC in the past, but they were not seeing the desired results & scale. They were looking to bring on a partner that knew how to drive leads through organic & paid media in global markets, including help with translated ads & landing pages.

The Strategy

We started with an in depth audit of our current digital presence. We then worked with us to develop a customized strategy that would support our goals and in-place campaigns. We focused new suggestions for content, SEO, and PPC on generating leads for our business and revenue to supply that growth. We aligned our strategy with Aegis’ goals, so we were focussed on the returns from each campaign, and was decision was based on revenue, not just success. 



We took a comprehensive approach with both paid & organic channels. It included technical SEO to start which saw immediate positive impacts on organic traffic. We established a diversified paid media campaign strategy for PPC incorporating Google, Bing, and Referral Sites as well (like Capterra and Software Advice). We also revamped the paid social campaign strategy within LinkedIn & Facebook. Content wise, we wrote posts that engaged with a very technical engineering audience. We also provided keyword-based topics, and content briefs for their content that they developed internally. We would then incorporate that content into their paid and organic social media programs. 


On-Page Technical Optimization to Increase Traffic 

Drastic increase in organic traffic by improving the query targeting and technical optimization of title tags, header tags, and meta tags to improve organic ranking.  


Targeting Market Share With Integrated Paid-Organic Campaigns

Taking up SERP market share for most profitable keywords through on-page technical SEO coupled with targeted PPC ads to take up more market share on same high-traffic SERPs.  


Drastically Increase ROAS Via Retargeting and List Building

Building detailed lists of visitors and their interactions with the site and content in order to optimize the entire on-site user experience and drastically increase return on ad spend. 

The Results

After switching to Directive’s strategy, Aegis was able to scale lead gen across global markets & increase organic traffic, overall conversions, and lower PPC CPA. 

The data shows that we were not only able to increase lead volume, but reduce cost per lead across the board.

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