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Brand discoverability method leads to 282% increase in organic traffic 

Directive strategized on proper keyword alignment, core page creation, and meeting visitors’ needs in content to boost discoverability, taking their organic traffic to a new level of growth. 

Client overview

TokenEx is a data-security company that integrates smoothly for nearly any environment and data set, and third-party agnostic. Their Cloud Security Platform maximizes security and reduces scope without restricting access to data. TokenEx protects all data forms from various industries, from credit card numbers to hotel management information to insurance information, and much more.

Founded in 2010 by two former Qualified Security Assessors, TokenEx was created to provide organizations with the most secure, non-intrusive, and flexible data-security solution on the market.


The challenge

One of TokenEx’s processes is tokenization,  the process of turning sensitive data into nonsensitive data called “tokens” that can be used in a database or internal system without bringing it into scope of regulations, like PCI and PII. This ensures that data is secured and companies stay compliant with necessary standards.

Tokenization is still a growing industry, with a large amount of indirect competitors, like encryption. This provides Directive, as a partner, with opportunity to shine a light on better alternatives within data security. It also means there is fierce competition.

The strategy

Directive’s goal was to boost keyword rankings for relevant keywords around “tokenization”.  Increasing our rankings for these keywords and related keywords places TokenEx’s pages higher on search engine results pages. This means more eyes view these pages making TokenEx more discoverable. 

Discoverability helps increase quality organic traffic to the aligned users of men and women in need of compliance software or tokenization. This brand awareness will improve accessibility to TokenEx’s data security services by directing this relevant traffic to TokenEx’s demo request or “contact us” conversion funnels.

The importance of brand awareness

We realigned the targeting of their core pages to meet the needs and the intent of users within the SERP. This helps TokenEx’s service become discoverable to the right clients, and helps more data become secure. For example, we retargeted their eCommerce page from simply “eCommerce package” to “eCommerce tokenization”. This ensured that the users discovering this page were looking for this service, and not a completely different software related to eCommerce. As we know, there are many! 

By evaluating competitors’ keyword rankings and popular terms within the industry, we found more aligned keywords to target on our solutions and product pages to bring aligned traffic in. 

For example, we previously targeted “p2pe” on their Point to Point Encryption product page. After evaluating three of their competitors, we found they were having more success targeting “P2P Encryption” and putting “point to point encryption” in parentheses. We readjusted our page to target this instead, and now rank #7 for this keyword.

Crafting content built to convert

NACHA is a new and up-and-coming topic within data security. With not as much information on this subject as PCI or PII compliance, it is essential to provide users with quality information about it. However, they have to be able to find this information on the SERP. 

We created a content brief and optimizations for a new core page, NACHA Compliance. This content brief included keyword research, an outline of the page, metadata and URL, and call-to-actions. All of this information, especially keyword research and URL recommendations, was crucial in increasing the discoverability of this page to boost its position on the search engine results page.

Putting visitors’ needs first

We optimized almost 20 older blog articles, either re-targeting them or adding more of the right keywords on these pages. This helps TokenEx’s visitors find answers to their questions right away. Their time is valuable, and we wanted to give them what they were looking for. 

For example, TokenEx has an educational blog article on the difference between pseudonymization and anonymization within GDPR. This is a confusing topic that numerous people do not know or fully comprehend. 

Before we optimized this piece, this article had several images above the fold, pushing the content down, which hindered the user experience. In addition, there was little keyword targeting on this page in the content, metadata, or alt text of the images, so it was not discoverable. 

Once we implemented keywords into these items and focused on the user experience, the blog rose in the rankings and now holds position #4 for “gdpr anonymization and pseudonymization”, “pseudonymization”, “difference between anonymization and pseudonymization”, and more.

In this process, we edited metadata to include target keywords and to include call-to-actions that spoke the user’s intent on that particular SERP. We also added target keywords in alt text, anchor text, headings, and content. Finally, we removed and added images to make sure the pages met our standards and didn’t hinder the quality of the blog.  

Producing consistent content to raise their keyword rankings helps TokenEx compete while building their thought leadership in the space. 

We have been posting 2-4 blogs pieces per month, and sharing them all on social media to stay competitive and show that we are human. 

282 Increase in QoQ organic traffic
320 Increase in MoM organic users to new core page
500 Increase in QoQ conversion rate from single blog piece

The results speak for themselves

After completing core page optimizations, we saw that in Q4 YoY, the homepage experienced a 282.41% increase in traffic. It now ranks #1 for tokenization service and tokenization software, which were a couple of target keywords from the beginning.

We recently started seeing the real success of our NACHA Compliance page. So far, it has seen a 320% increase, MoM, in January 2020, and is now the second-highest performing solutions page. It currently ranks in the top 10 on the SERP for crucial keywords like “nacha”, and “nacha compliance”. 

In each of their optimized blogs, we have seen extraordinary traffic growth. For example, their blog “Format Preserving Encryption: What You Need to Know”,  saw a 171.95% increase QoQ in Q4 vs. Q3 of 2019. In another example, their most popular blog, “Tokenization vs. Encryption: Which One is Better for Your Business?” saw a 500% increase in conversion rate.



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