Digital brand awareness leads to 474% increase in ROAS

Directive focused on meeting the target audience on the search engine after AliveCor’s TV ads were shown and remarketed to specific visitors to increase online sales.

Client overview

AliveCor is an eCommerce company that sells the product, KardiaMobile. This is an FDA-cleared and clinical grade personal EKG monitor. KardiaMobile captures a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds, no matter where you are.

The device is designed to pair with the user’s smartphone or tablet for instant results. Users also have the ability to store their EKG results on their mobile device or share them with their caregivers with a click of a button.



The challenge

In an industry dominated by Apple’s smartwatch product, AliveCor was looking to attract a different audience. 

AliveCor’s ideal customers are an older generation of people who struggle with different heart conditions. 

Up until this point, AliveCor had been running television ads to connect with this audience. Although the commercials were effective at building awareness and drawing viewers in, there was a gap in the funnel when it came to conversions.

To better align their marketing, AliveCor challenged Directive to come up with a search strategy that would supplement their existing TV advertising efforts.

The strategy

The primary goal of our efforts was to meet AliveCor’s audience at a pivotal spot in their decision-making process. If someone recently saw the AliveCor television ad and went online to learn more about mobile EKG devices, AlivceCor’s brand and offering had to be unmissable. 

Although we had no part in creating the TV commercials, our search marketing campaigns were designed to complement this existing initiative. We wanted to make it as simple as possible for AliveCor’s target audience to have access to this potentially life-saving medical device.

Right place, right time 

We broke down the television ad schedule day-by-day to see what times and days of the week we expected to see a spike in branded searches. These insights allowed us to make proper bid adjustments to align with the day and time each television ad was set to air.

Remarketing rendezvous

Our team crafted display ads to remarket to the members of AliveCor’s audience that viewed a product page but did not convert. We already knew these people were interested, but they just needed an extra incentive to cross the finish line. The offer displayed on the ads featured a unique discount code to use on the website.

This tactic was effective because we know that it usually takes multiple touchpoints for a prospective buyer to convert to a customer. We wanted to offer these users something of value. A remarketing campaign with a discount offer was the perfect solution.

The implementation of resonating copy

AliveCor had a low click-through-rate (CTR) on their ads and we knew this could be improved. Our team altered and rewrote the ad copy to be more compelling and encourage people to take action. 

We wanted the messaging to be closely aligned with the offer on the resulting landing page. The goal was to lessen friction for people who clicked through and improve the overall user experience of jumping to a different page.

798 Increase in ROAS for shopping campaigns in 1 month
521 Increase in ROAS through search campaigns in 1 month
190 Increase in ROAS through Facebook campaigns in 1 month
474 Increase in total ROAS in 1 month

The results speak for themselves

With these results, it’s clear that search is an essential component of an effective advertising strategy when it’s executed correctly. Prior to our partnership, there was a gap in AliveCor’s conversion funnel. The television ads were successful at generating awareness and drawing people in, but there was a missing piece when it came to finding AliveCor’s products online.

Through our efforts, we skyrocketed AliveCor’s website to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), making the brand easily discoverable. Additionally, our remarketing ads served as a reminder to past web visitors of the value of AliveCor’s offerings. Combining all of these tactics into one cohesive strategy brought tremendous results for our client and helped get KardiaMobile into the hands of the people who need it the most.

Directive’s partnership with AliveCor is a modern example of the level of impact that search marketing can have on an organization.

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