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Digital brand awareness leads to 474% increase in ROAS

Directive focused on meeting the target audience on the search engine after AliveCor’s TV ads were shown and remarketed to specific visitors to increase online sales.

Client overview

AliveCor is an eCommerce company that sells the product, KardiaMobile. This is an FDA-cleared and clinical grade personal EKG monitor. KardiaMobile captures a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds, no matter where you are.

This device can detect Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, or normal heart rhythm. With this device, store your EKGs on your phone and even email your EKG to your doctor with one press of a button.


The challenge

In an industry where Apple has dominated the space with heart-monitoring watches, AliveCor was looking to attract a different audience. 

AliveCor’s ideal customers are the older generation, struggle with different heart conditions. 

Alivecor’s EKG monitor has the power to save lives, and we had to ensure that we were aligned with that in our search campaigns; we needed to make this product discoverable.  

The strategy

AliveCor runs television ads, so, we partnered with their team to meet the target audience at the right time, after they watched one of AliveCor’s commercials. Although we were not involved with the TV ads, we had control over search and we hit the ground running to further their discoverability. 

Right place, right time 

By breaking down the TV ad schedule, we were able to see what times of the day we should expect to see a spike in brand searches. From there, we were able to make proper bid adjustments during the time of the day when the TV ad just ran.

Monday was by far the most engaging day during this time period. We saw an average of 705% ROAS during this season, which gave us beneficial insights to make bid adjustments.

Remarketing rendezvous

Our team crafted display ads to remarket to users who had viewed our product page but had not taken action. The display ads offered these visitors a unique discount code they could utilize on the website. Our objective was to provide value and support the individuals who would benefit from Alivecor’s EKG monitor.

This tactic was critical to note because it often takes multiple touchpoints for visitors to convert. We wanted to reach out but give these users something in return, not just another sales message in the mix.

The implementation of resonating copy

AliveCor had a low click-through-rate (CTR) in their ads and we knew this could be improved. Our team altered the ad copy language to resonate with aging Americans  who would need AliveCor’s product. We needed to use language that would encourage action.  

Additionally, this helped create less friction for visitors when they clicked through to our landing page.

798 Increase in ROAS for shopping campaigns in 1 month
521 Increase in ROAS through search campaigns in 1 month
190 Increase in ROAS through Facebook campaigns in 1 month
474 Increase in total ROAS in 1 month

The results speak for themselves

It was vital for our audience to easily find AliveCor’s ads at the top of the search engine results page and also remind them of this great product through remarketing.

Not only did we see substantial return-on-ad-spend numbers with our client, but we were also grateful for the opportunity to help real people find a product that could be life-changing for their health.

This shows how the power of search can have a real impact on an organization and society overall. 

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