Hyper-Targeted SEO Strategy Drives 46% Increase in Conversions

Vyond is a cloud-based animation software solution that empowers businesses to easily create state-of-the-art animated videos. The solution comes with a comprehensive library full of templates, sounds, and props, making it simple for people of all skill levels to make professional-grade animations. Vyond’s mission is to change the way the world communications, one video at a time.

Directive has been instrumental to the growth we’ve seen during the last year and a half. The knowledge, resources, and analytics provided by the team are not anything that we could have done on our own.

Amanda Morgan

The challenge

After recently shifting its focus away from a consumer audience, Vyond wanted to make a big splash on the B2B market. To do this, their team zeroed in on growing organic traffic through content creation. 

Although their existing content library was expansive, the primary topics that had been previously covered were top-of-funnel, vague, and no longer aligned with their target audience. To position itself as the go-to animation software for B2B companies, Vyond had to pivot.

This led the team at Vyond to partner with Directive for a full overhaul of their existing content strategy to boost organic traffic and conversions from their ideal customers.

The strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to content. 

To grow Vyond’s organic search rankings, Directive recognized the need for a full revamp of the current content library to include SEO-friendly topics that appeal to the right buyers.

Keyword-driven content recommendations

The first step in building out a new content calendar was to conduct in-depth keyword research. 

Our goal was to identify keywords that would appropriately target B2B buyers in Vyond’s core segments. We built an expansive list of topics that would appeal to audiences at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Executing on this strategy would require creating numerous hyper-targeted pieces, as well as consolidating existing articles into fresh comprehensive guides.

Since driving conversions was another primary goal, we strategized a relevant call-to-action (CTA) for each article. 

For CTAs to be effective, it’s critical to target the reader based on their place in the buying journey. Top-of-funnel content featured CTAs with less transactional offerings, while the pieces intended for a bottom-of-funnel audience encouraged readers to sign up for a free trial or similar offer. 

With a finalized content calendar in place, all that was left to do was start writing. To keep the traffic engine running, we scheduled out each piece to be written and published on a regular cadence.

Split testing metadata

If we wanted to generate meaningful results for Vyond, it was important to take the strategy a step further. When it comes to conversion rate optimization, there are general best practices to follow that are likely to boost clicks. However, what works for one business won’t always be the case elsewhere. The simplest way to gauge whether or not the messaging across the website was appealing to Vyond’s target audience was to test it. So, that’s what we did.

The Directive team began running ongoing A/B tests on the website’s core pages to determine which page titles and meta descriptions were the most clickable. With these insights, we could better understand what messaging resonated most with Vyond’s audience and use that to expand metadata testing throughout the site.

49 Increase in organic traffic QoQ
27 Increase in organic revenue QoQ
46 Increase in organic conversions QoQ

The results speak for themselves

After switching to an SEO-driven content strategy, Vyond had the ability to target their audience more effectively and draw in more organic traffic than ever before. 

This new content initiative led to a 49% increase in organic traffic quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) and resulted in all-time traffic high for the website.

The data shows that not only were we able to generate more traffic but also that this traffic was qualified. By A/B testing metadata across the website’s core pages, we observed an impressive 46% increase in conversions QoQ.

In the end, Directive delivered a multi-layered SEO approach which resulted in a 27% increase in organic revenue QoQ for the client. Through compelling content and experimental conversion methods, Vyond successfully grew its search presence to reach more of its target B2B audience.

“SEO growth takes time and patience, but with Directive as an integrated part of our team, we saw a 46% increase in organic conversions last quarter. I couldn’t be happier with the results,” adds Morgan.

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