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Cyber Security

Services Provided


When comparing organic users from Q3 and Q4 to the previous year, we saw a 128% increase in traffic resulting in over 51,707 users added.

Sarah Vanier
Sr. Director of Marketing

SentinelOne is shaping the future of endpoint security with an integrated platform that unifies that detection, prevention, and remediation of threats initiated by nation states, terrorists, and organized crime. The unqiue approach is based on the deep inspection of all system processes combined with innovative machine learning to isolate malicious bahaviors quicly protecting devices against advanced, targeted threats in real time.

Marketing Goals

SentinelOne was seeking overall organization and visibility into their investments in PPC, paid social, and SEO. They were looking to drive leads and awareness
through their digital campaigns.

Directive Approach

By targeting niche audiences via high-engagement blogs, we were able to identify their audience’s content expectations and back our way into developing a research driven content strategy. We built custom, individual landing pages for unique ad campaigns and leveraged their third party reports to drastically increase conversion rates. We developed a content strategy that targeted recent news events to generate traffic related to new viruses, cyber threats, and other trending topics.


251 Increase in Digital Leads
159 Increase in Organic Traffic
12 Decrease in Bounce Rate

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