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Is Social Media Important?

Is Social Media Important?

We all know social media is fun, but is social media important?

The three biggest social media platforms today are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There amount of daily users for each of these social media platforms is astronomical.

Facebook has 700 million, Twitter 100 million, and Instagram 75 million. That’s billions of status updates, 9,100 tweets every second, and 55 million photos posted a day.

The numbers speak for themselves, is social

media important? Yes, it is more important than

we realize.

Does your business have amazing products and services but not enough customers and awareness? Have you thought about the importance of social media and taking the time to integrate it into your business strategy. By simply taking the time to implement daily posts and effective information on social media your business will have the potential to take off.

Businesses are shifting to social media in order to spark marketing and awareness allowing small business to survive and grow. Here are a few steps on how to take advantage of social media.


Create a Facebook page for your business

  1. Choose what type of business you are operating. Click here
  2. Add photos of your business and accurate information that will help notify the customer about your business.
    1. For example: location, hours, products/services offered, pictures, phone number, email
    2. Post content that followers will want to share
      1. Ex: discounts, events, promotions
      2. Post daily and watch the amount of followers to increase


Create a Twitter page for your business

  1. Just like Facebook provide all the useful information and details about your business
  2. Next you need to be creative, because there is a limit for how much you can tweet.
    1. Use hashtags, it will increase the amount of users to see your post
    2. Tweet daily and watch the amount of followers to increase


  1. Instagram is the perfect platform to show the world your business through pictures
  2. Edit your profile information to display your business name, location, phone number, and email.
  3. Post pictures of your products, building, interacting with customers
    1. The caption is just as important as the photo

i.     Use hastags and be creative, give people a reason to follow you!

Next time someone asks is social media important? You know the answer. So go take advantage of it, after all, its free!