Content Syndication: What it is and Strategies to Use

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication refers to when any web-based content is re-published by a third-party website. An example of this could be reposted content on company sites or shared on social media.

All types of digital content can be syndicated, whether they be blog posts, videos, and infographics. When content is re-published, it is often thought of as a kind of barter or exchange.

The third-party website is getting free, relevant content and the creator of that content gets free exposure, publicity, and backlinks to their own website, all of which are highly valuable for generating organic traffic for their website.

the syndication effect from content syndications strategy

This practice is well-known in the media industry and has taken place in newspapers and magazines with a large circulation and readership.

At times, syndicated content is provided by smaller publications or freelance writers to help route traffic back to their fledgling business. The larger publication that housed the syndicated content was able to get more content without having to take time, money, or resources to create it.

Think of content syndication as a high level of recycling web content.

How Does Content Syndication Impact SEO?

Since syndicated content is duplicated content, it stands to reason that it could negatively impact SEO.

When it comes to ranking content for SEO, Google recognizes duplicated versions of the same content. It will only index one version, and this is usually the one that appears on a site with higher-traffic and more popularity.

If that is the content’s home website, then there’s no problem. But what if it’s not? If your site is not the one with high traffic, there’s no need to panic. You just have to be a bit more intentional about your syndicated content strategy and where it is shared.

SEO impact on content syndication

Plan Your Syndicated Content

Planning ahead is always a good rule of thumb. It helps cushion you against the unexpected and makes content strategy much more effective over time.

Define what your business goals are so that you can identify the kinds of syndication partners your business needs for success.

Find Relevant Content Syndication Partners

Finding relevant partners is a large part of a successful syndication. You want your content to be re-published and featured on popular, high-traffic and high-ranking websites that don’t just reach people but reach your target audience.

To find relevant partners, do your research. See who is in the same vertical as your business and reach out to them. If you find their content is a good match and have begun building rapport, chances are they are going to be interested. Plus, content syndication can go both ways!

Find the Best Way to Syndicate Content

Once you have your plan and partners squared away, work out the best ways to syndicate your content. Sometimes content syndication looks like dedicating an entire article or blog to a third-party website (i.e: guest posting).

Other times, content syndication looks like a simple headline with a backlink to your website or a targeted webpage. All syndication practices are not necessarily equal. What works for one business and website may not work for another.

Bottom line, everything depends on the website, the audience, and the type of content you are producing. Let these factors guide your strategy and lead to more traffic and higher conversions.

Execute Your Content Syndication Strategy

Once you plan your syndicated content, determine the correct syndication partners, identify the perfect content fit, you must effectively and efficiently execute your strategy. Maintaining a good relationship with your partners and staying on top of properly indexing your content will make for a highly effective content syndication strategy.

Why Should You Be Making Syndicated Content Posts?

If you want your business to grow in a strategic way, you should practice content syndication. Remember, choosing the right partners, developing the right content, and having a great plan are all the moving parts needed to make syndication successful.

With the help of content syndication, you strategically promote your brand name and business, ultimately generating more targeted traffic to your website.

Your business deserves the best! Our content marketing team will strategically position your business for highly effective content syndication. Get a free proposal today!

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