What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the process of targeting customers who have already viewed or showed interest in something on your site and enticing them to come back and make a purchase using ads and other marketing tools.

The method is all about re-engaging customers who may have been close to buying but ultimately did not follow through with the conversion. Remarketing is a necessary practice to ensure that you secure a sale whenever a customer shows enough interest. This can lead to a better relationship, growing your business steadily over time.

A remarketing program allows you to track certain landing pages. This way, you can identify the customers who spent a good amount of time on a certain page without converting. A popular page for this on most e-commerce sites is the shopping cart page, as many customers are likely to abandon their carts at the last minute.

When you have identified the customers who fell short of converting and the pages and products they were most interested in, you can then place specialized ads that promote the products that have already viewed in strategic places.

You can work to personalize the ads so that the specific items are promoted well and shown to the right people at the right time. This increases their relevance and improves the chances of your customer coming back and checking out.

How Does Remarketing Work?

In addition to displaying highly personalized ads, there are other forms of remarketing that your business can use to get the job done. Overall, creating a remarketing campaign is fairly simple. All you have to do is follow a few quick steps for optimal success:

Gain Access to Your Google AdWords Account and Activate Your Remarketing Tag

Your business’ website should already be attached to your Google AdWords account (or equivalent marketing platform). When you activate your remarketing tag, you are given access to a piece of HTML code that you must insert into the body of each and every one of the pages of your website.

Create One or More Remarketing Lists

Your list(s) should be made up of all the people who have executed a certain action on your website so that you can configure the site to your business goals. Some businesses build their lists with all the website visitors they’ve had in the last week, month, or six months. You can also segment those who belong on your lists by which stage of the marketing funnel they’re currently in or how long they’ve been a customer. Some of the data needed to create can take a while to collect, so keep this in mind as you’re making your lists.

Start Your Campaign

Once you have the finer points squared away, you can start your remarketing campaign. For a strong beginning, target your campaign at one of the lists you’ve already created. You can fine-tune the campaign with other criteria like language, geographic location, demographic type, and more for success with each different list.

Generate One or More Variations of Your Ads

This last step is most successful when utilizing another marketing method: A/B Testing or Split Testing. You can try out different ads and then test them to see which ones your audience reacts more positively to. This is a great way to optimize your remarketing campaign to ensure success.

What Are Some Advantages of Remarketing?

If you feel you already have a solid campaign, why bother with remarketing? The truth is that remarketing is an often necessary process to keep your business fresh and thriving. It comes with a number of advantages that can only help your business get better and better over time. Some advantages of remarketing your business include:

Optimal Personalization

In today’s world of rampant brands and aesthetics, how can you get your business to stand out? This is a valid question for both new and current businesses, and remarketing offers a useful answer. When you remarket, you automatically begin personalizing your remarketing lists, putting you in a strong position. You have a clearer idea of what your customers need, want, and respond to, so you can make your marketing actions more precise and effective. When you’re able to personalize your business, it makes your customers feel more connected, which fosters a better business relationship.

A Savvy Reminder

Sometimes your business gets lost in the shuffle – it happens. Remarketing helps combat this by being an active reminder of your business and all the goods and services it offers. With remarketing, you keep your business relevant in the minds of your customers, making them more likely to engage, share, and convert.

Marketing Goals Are Met

When starting a remarketing campaign, you tend to realign yourself with your business and marketing goals naturally. You create options for your business through your lists and devise ways to meet and connect with past or almost-customers. What’s more, you get better at creating ads that are more pointed, personalized, and eye-catching, resulting in more traffic and potential conversions.

Remarketing campaigns are a good ideal for all online businesses – it just depends on when you need to launch yours. Remember to pace yourself with how many ads are shown and how often, and don’t be afraid to make as many lists as you need. This gives you the space to experiment, learn, and grow!

Another part of remarketing is optimizing your website content so that when users return, they find your business to be even more helpful and informative than before.

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