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Marketing Analytics Agency for Enterprise

Know exactly where to allocate time, resources, and budget.

We empower in-house marketers with closed-loop analytics so they can take a data-first approach to their search strategy.

Search Marketing for SaaS Isn’t About Conversions and Cost Per Acquisition

It’s about opportunities, deals, and revenue. You are responsible for business growth – not vanity metrics. Our analytics system correlates y(our) efforts directly to revenue growth by fully integrating into any CRM.

With our deep expertise in search marketing + our hunger for accountability and insights, we take a fresh approach to how search marketing proves it’s value.

They know about every trend and algorithm and they have new ways to improve lead generation every week.

Results are all positive and include 178% growth in organic traffic, a 93% increase in organic lead generation, and 44% improvement to PPC lead generation. Directive is communicative, innovative, and quick to solve issues before they become problems.

Laura Hamrick
Web Optimization Manager

Every lead you generate has a story. The question is, are you able to tell it?

Traffic and keywords are not indicative of enterprise success

Traffic and keyword growth are important, but it doesn’t pay your bills. You need an analytics system and team fully-fixated on ROI.

With our innovative system, we leverage every SEO and PPC tool on the market’s API to seamlessly blend third and first-party data directly into your dashboard. This way, we reveal the full story of y(our) marketing efforts.

“Our key metrics increased. More importantly, we implemented a lot of new tactics and test scenarios, which will boost our company’s future prospects.”

Dave McCue
Marketing Manager

Spreadsheets and Manual Reporting Deserve a Noble Death

Your time is precious. Unfortunately, most in-house marketers spend over 15% of their time building reports and manually updating data; this needs to stop.

Our analytics system pulls from any data source, is automated, and offers a fully-functioning mobile app.

“With a customer-first attitude, the team communicates efficiently, responsively, and promptly. Having a range of industry expertise, they’ve established themselves as a valuable partner.”

John Palmer
Digital Marketing Specialist

Fully-customizable Should be the Norm

The KPIs that matter to your business are unique to you; shouldn’t your analytics system be too?

If you can dream it, we can build it.

“Directive’s efforts increase marketing-qualified leads (MQL) and provide insights into cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Their team is professional and maintains a thorough understanding of the service industry to deliver top-notch solutions.”

An Bui
Director of Demand Generation

Marketing and Web Analytics Re-Imagined


With our world-class SQL team and software, we are able to bring any data source with an API to life.

Search APIs Included

While most marketers would be ecstatic if their analytics and CRM systems talked to each other, we take it a step farther and leverage every API in the industry. This helps you draw correlations between tactics like keyword growth and revenue.

Simple Billing

Instead of paying a monthly fee + an hourly fee for work done, we simply bill you hourly at a fixed rate for any work done. If you don’t need tasks completed for one month, then your dashboard is free for that month.

It’s pretty simple.

Multi-Touch Attribution

The marketing funnel isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Our marketing analytics system honors that reality and gives you the freedom to dice and splice your data however you need. Completely custom attribution model? Sounds great. Any attribution model you’d like, we can build it.

Visualizations & Automation

Have a report you need to send internally every month? Let us automate it for you and add custom visualizations. Data is great; however, a helpful visualization that is easy to digest is king.

Our Closed Loop Analytics Prove That Ignorance Is Not Bliss

You deserve more than PDF reports from your agency.

Through our developers and innovative systems, we make sure you understand every lead’s story and value.