Your analytics tell a story.
We’ll help you write the best chapters.

Expert data analysis is at the heart of every campaign we build, every decision we make, and every result you get.

Too often, agencies make suggestions based on a whim or a feeling. Not Directive — they make data-based suggestions that have clear benefits.

ROI Forecasting

See your revenue growth potential.

Adaptable Analytics Strategy

Optimize the way you track.

Visual Reporting

Easily digest and present your data.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Get deeper data for smarter bidding.


Run performance-optimized campaigns built with data-driven strategies

Investing in guesswork is as good as gambling.

That’s why Directive uses data analysis, multiple attribution models, and LTV:CAC modeling to build smart strategies that accelerate your growth.

Here’s what our approach to SEO did for

Directive has been instrumental to the growth we've seen during the last year and a half. The knowledge, resources, and analytics provided by the team are not anything that we could have done on our own.
The knowledge, resources, and analytics provided by the team are not anything that we could have done on our own.

Amanda Morgan

Increase in organic traffic QoQ
Increase in organic revenue QoQ
Increase in organic conversions QoQ

Glimpse the future with LTV:CAC modeling and ROI forecasting

Validate your investments with data.
Using your CRM data and our historical performance, we’ll model out the potential impact our work will have on your revenue growth before contracts are ever signed.

Get the guidance you need on the platforms you use.

Benefit from our flexibility and agility.
Our team adapts to your current tools and processes to help you get the most out of your data without changing the way you work.

Visualize your results clearly and easily in realtime.

Make sense of the numbers for you and your team.
Access your Google Data Studio dashboard anytime to see your progress, customized to the channels and KPIs that matter to you.

Optimize your bids and unlock Google’s AI with OCT.

Integrate offline actions into your reporting.
We help set up Offline Conversion Tracking in your CRM, giving you more accurate measurements for the most informed and intelligent bidding strategies.

Put your data to work and leave the
guessing to your competition.