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10 B2B Marketing Plan Examples To Help You Stay Organized

As complicated as B2B marketing can be—it’s easy to get caught up in different B2B marketing strategies, channels, campaigns, and tactics. Having a plan is the best way to keep things secure and structured. Whether your plan is meticulous, loose, or a combination of both, having that plan will keep you focused. Depending upon what […]

What is A/B Testing in Digital Marketing?

A/B testing is one of the most important elements of conversion rate optimization, but what is A/B testing in digital marketing exactly? How do tech marketers use it to increase their landing page conversion rates and achieve better campaign ROI? Here's a quick resource on A/B testing in tech marketing.

Importance of a Singular Metric for Marketing and Sales

Marketing is comprised of a magnitude of channels where we are tracking various figures. Aligning ourselves with sales metrics is critical to secure more budget and resources, and keep marketing focused on revenue-generating initiatives. Here's why it's important to have a singular metric for marketing and sales.

3 Must-Have B2B Market Research Tools That You Need Today

Check out the 3 tools our expert tech marketing team uses every day here at Directive: SEMrush (gather keyword data & look at the competition), SpyFu (understand spend & keywords the competition is targeting), and BuzzSumo (understand your competitors' & your own content strategy).

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