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Content strategy generates over 2 million impressions in under 4 months

To drive brand awareness, we strategized 100 pieces of content to dominate the SERPs and beat competitors across the various sub-industries. 

Client overview

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management & security analytics company whose platform gives you visibility into log data across various platforms and integrations.


Directive provides a true team-based approach, meaning they cover multiple marketing disciplines and gets “economies of scale” benefits associated with leading campaigns for over 70 SaaS companies.

Mike Greeves

The challenge

In an industry with many active players, one of the obstacles faced is maximizing brand awareness in many different sub-industries. Although Sumo Logic’s main product line surrounds the topic of log management, their solutions are relevant and useful in various other sub-industries such as cloud security, security analytics, cybersecurity, and more. 

The issue with being an effective solution in various industries is that you must create a wide-scale brand presence and compete against companies that have specific solutions in cloud and cybersecurity. Sumo Logic’s business goal was to lead the charge and direct competitors back to their target audience. 

The strategy

Directive’s strategy was to elevate brand awareness for enterprise and mid-markets, as well as make a brand connection between other applications and integrations and Sumo Logic.

We aimed to build up the perception of the brand to enhance the bottom of the funnel. This strategy provides the user with brand trust that will reflect their decision toward the end of the buyer’s journey.

The power of discoverability

Improving web traffic (both direct and organic) comes from two strategies: brand awareness campaigns and SEO-driven content that connects with their target audience. We are able to do this through two different forms of content strategy campaigns: a top-of-funnel glossary and creating full-funnel integration and application-related content.

To achieve results, we had to get a better understanding of the 10+ sub-industries that Sumo Logic can be a competitive player in.

We audited search engine results pages across tens of thousands of keywords, and pulled the biggest players out of each industry. We took a look at their top ranking keywords, and strategized 100 pieces of content that could dominate those SERPs and beat out the competitors across the various sub-industries. We strategically chose keywords that competitors were ranking in the top 3 for to escalate brand awareness over their competitors.

Getting straight to work 

Building out this glossary involved:

  • Hiring and managing a writer.
  • Auditing the biggest players in the log management space.
  • Sifting through tens of thousands of keywords.
  • Developing a content creation process that allowed for the writer to understand exactly what we were looking for in each piece.
  • Editing each piece of content.
  • Communicating with the Sumo Logic team regarding each specific step of the process.
  • Building the wireframe for the entire platform.
  • Utilizing Sumo Logic’s brand guidelines to design each page. 
  • Optimizing all pages with metadata and URL structure.
  • Directive performed an internal linking strategy to create strategic signals pointing back to the page from high value pages, such as the core solutions pages. 
  • Directive identified URLs with the highest URL ratings from Ahrefs, and strategically placed links pointing toward the top of those pages with exact-match anchor text in order to boost our rankings.

Behind the scenes

While it was essential to build out all aspects of our content strategy, we had to confirm that all other SEO tactics were running smoothly as well.

On the technical side, we lowered the average crawl depth for the site substantially through internal linking and strategic link placement through the website for high value pages.

We also consistently analyzed Hotjar data to discover CRO opportunities to improve conversion rankings through the website. After this, we supplemented Hotjar’s interaction data with Google Analytics to find specific areas where we could direct users to improve user buyer journeys.

175 Increase in keyword rankings in top 3 spots on the SERP, YOY
38.4 Increase of 4.3 million impressions from Q3 to Q4
20.4 Increase in new organic users to the site
39 Increase in new users from direct traffic

The results speak for themselves

Starting from scratch, our top-of-the-funnel glossary content strategy generated over 2 million impressions in just under four months. Additionally, the strategy obtained 10,000 clicks to the website generated by organic users. 

Our multi-funnel application-based content strategy helped the website generate 4.3 million impressions from Q3 to Q4 (+38.4%), and generated over 50,000 clicks in three months from organic users.

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