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Alternative lead generation approach leads to 121% increase in organic leads 

Directive fixated on building Lakeside Software’s quality organic traffic, ranking on page 1 for their target keyword, & boosting conversions overall to amplify their business growth. 

Client overview

Lakeside Software offers a desktop management suite that helps IT track user experience, monitor desktop performance and interactions, and run root cause analysis on desktops. Their solution is called SysTrack. 


The challenge

Lakeside Software came to Directive to find ways to lead the market for “digital experience monitoring solutions”.

The digital experience monitoring industry is extremely niche and all players aim to take as much market share as possible, with the goal of being the reference in their space. Lakeside Software’s team aimed to escalate brand awareness on the search engine results pages while increasing their number of qualified leads coming through organic search results. 

Further, Lakeside Software aimed to acquire new customers, specifically based in Canada and the United States, which narrowed the potential targeting. 

The strategy

Our goal was fixated on building quality and organic traffic, ranking on the first page for their target keyword “digital experience monitoring”, and ultimately increasing organic conversions while working in collaboration with their in-house marketing team on current marketing initiatives.

Content crafted to convert 

To start, we needed more quality traffic to the site. With that goal being top of mind, we focused on building Lakeside’s blog content by publishing 14 pieces and increasing traffic to their core pages, through on-page optimization.

This seemed like an easy objective; however, this meant that we had to make every recommendation and piece of content created truly valuable and appealing for their audience. 

To build innovative and intent-focused content, we audited SERPs across tens of thousands of keywords and pulled the biggest players out of each sub-industry such as “AIops”, “IT operations”, and “application performance monitoring”. We also audited the way they approach call-to-actions on their main core pages to understand what the competition was offering to their users. 

Providing assets with value

Next, we focused on conversions. By adding an ROI Calculator and demo video to their site, this gave users another option for them to interact with Lakeside. 

We chose an ROI Calculator because not having the estimated ROI from Lakeside’s product for potential customers was reducing sales, according to their sales team. 

Therefore, it made sense to offer this on the site to meet their audience’s needs as soon as possible.  

For our demo video, the goal was to give users an option to convert on a middle-of-the-funnel (evaluation stage) goal rather than making them request an official demo.

This puts the power in the visitors’ hands and gives them what they need, without having to take another step. 

This also equips Lakeside Software’s in-house team with the necessary leads they needed to turn traffic into revenue, since gaining more organic leads through the site helps get more prospects to Lakeside Softwares’ sales team.

Time for action

To better drive conversions, Directive discovered that the website was lacking foundational SEO elements that were hurting Lakeside’s conversion volume. This included a drought of call-to-actions on core pages and blogs. 

The objective was to optimize these action-drivers on the highest-traffic pages and the blog content to increase lead volume.

Technical health check-up

Performing technical audits were vital to optimize internal linking on high-value pages. We also ensured that our added call-to-action and our content pieces had no issues from a technical SEO standpoint, such as images and scripts being too large in size to load effectively.

As for internal linking, our goal was to improve user experience and site hierarchy by making sure we had an intelligent and audience-focused internal linking structure throughout the site. 

By maintaining a quality site speed, we created an optimized UX on the site, since their core pages and blogs loaded faster, saving valuable time overall. 


229 Increase in organic new users from blog strategy, YoY
121 Increase in organic leads from conversion strategy, YoY
105 Increase in organic new users from entire content strategy, YoY

The results speak for themselves


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