Audience alignment leads to 91% lead increase in 3 months

To accomplish a client’s lead and budget goals, we upgraded ad experience, focused on proper ad spend allocation, relaunched paid social, and scaled top-performing campaigns.

Client Overview

Our client develops smart search and discovery applications for Fortune 500 companies where they combine big data with AI. They offer streamlined deployment of solutions by allowing companies to integrate this client’s search technology into their systems, without having to start building from stage one. 


The challenge

Our client partnered with Directive with the goal to increase qualified leads and reduce cost-per-lead. Upon initial analysis, our team discovered a significant amount of wasted spend due to misaligned keyword targeting and ad copy. We quickly audited the performance of existing campaigns and disabled high-cost campaigns to stop the bleeding.

The strategy

Directive’s strategy included focusing on our client’s audience and utilizing keyword targeting to include the strongest opportunities, identified through research, and immediately disabling poor-performing campaigns. By first narrowing their campaigns and aligning their targeting, our team was empowered to improve ad engagement, better allocate ad spend, relaunch paid social, and scale top-performing campaigns to achieve our client’s and our lead and cost goals.

Getting back to the basics

Upon analyzing our client’s Google Search campaign performance, we immediately noticed campaigns were costing more than 300% higher than the optimal cost-per-lead. When our team further analyzed keyword performance, we discovered numerous ads running for search terms that were incompatible with the landing page content.

Advancing user experience

Starting with the campaigns with a sizable opportunity to generate qualified leads, we refined the keyword targeting to align with the core messaging of our ad copy and engaged users with keywords that contained higher transactional intent. Also, we analyzed the top-performing landing page offers to ensure we were presenting to searchers what was most valuable and relevant to their needs.  

Scaling campaigns for growth

Once we completed restructuring the campaigns, we re-allocated budgets to direct more ad spend into the highest-performing ones. After a short period of data gathering and hypothesis validation, we were confident that we obtained a successful campaign structure. We were able to scale these campaigns by increasing their budgets and expanding the core campaigns out to international markets where we could also offer English language ads.

Time for takeoff

With the Google Search campaigns now controlled, the focus shifted to LinkedIn and Facebook. First, we built out several audiences in each platform utilizing the various member attribute identification properties including job function, member groups, pages followed and more. The goal of these audiences was to focus the campaigns on our client’s ideal customer person (ICP) as well as exclude irrelevant attributes. We built matched audiences and lookalike audiences with their target account lists and utilized a two-stage process to perform effective remarketing to their audiences. Once the lists were equipped, we used our copywriting to contribute compelling copy built on the core messaging of the image and landing page assets.

91.1 Increase in leads in first 3 months
21.8 Decrease in Cost-per-lead
985 Massive increase of more leads via Facebook
34.3 Rise in LinkedIn leads

The results speak for themselves

After aligning keyword targeting with the right audience and narrowing campaigns, our team was able to improve overall ad engagement, avoid wasting spend, and scaling their best campaigns to increase leads while cutting costs.

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