SEO & PPC strategy helps exceed lead generation goals by 500%

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Content Strategy Generates Over 2 Million Impressions in Under 4 Months

Targeted SEO Strategy Drives 46% Increase in Conversions

Customer-Led SEO Strategy Positions ZeroFOX for Dramatic Growth

ZeroFOX Platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more. The patented ZeroFOX SaaS technology processes and protects millions of posts, messages and accounts daily across the social and digital landscape.


increase in leads YOY


increase in organic traffic


top 5 organically ranked pages

Query-Driven Search & Content That Answers

Establishing digital authority leads to 2750% MQL increase

Brand discoverability campaign leads to 282% increase in organic traffic

Digital asset creation strategy leads to 121% increase in organic leads

SEO & PPC strategy helps exceed lead generation goals by 500%

Congruity360 is a software technology company that takes the data management ideals of enterprise brands and turns them into operational realities. They are a holistic data management provider enhancing the value of your existing technology investments by improving data quality, offering cost optimization across IT operating expenses, providing control of disparate data sets, and expediting project timelines from a universal IT level – not the application level.


Increase in Organic Leads YoY


Decrease in Cost Per SQL (492% over goal)


Increase in SQLs

Free trial lead generation strategy leads to 238% conversion rate increase

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