2nd principle

Financial Modeling is a Need to Have

Identify your most impactful levers for growth and improve your capital allocation.

Trying to scale without financial modeling is a pipe dream

Proper financial modeling ensures you are always giving budget to the channels that are generating the most revenue.

And that means taking budget away from the channels that are wasteful.

Make your ROI skyrocket and your CFO smile.

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  • 1st Party Data Unlocks Customer Growth

  • Financial Modeling is a Need to Have

  • NSMs Focus Capital & Drive Growth

  • Brand Creates Demand

  • Integrated Performance Marketing Converts Demand

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Proper capital allocation is just one piece of the puzzle to supercharge your growth. You also need to set and track the right NSM and craft the right message or you'll miss your goals every time.

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Templates Included in this Principle

LTV:CAC & NSM Setting Template

Knowing whether or not you’re profitable in each channel is key to proper capital allocation that brings you the ROI you need for growth.

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ROI Forecasting Tool

Running forecasts of different MoM growth allows you to prepare different scenarios and get budget approvals from your CFO.

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Customer Persona Template

Carefully mapping your ICP's pain points alongside the functionalities of your solution so you have messaging that resonates.

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Campaign Media Template

Craft the perfect media plan with capital allocation to each stage of the funnel to convert your pipeline to revenue.

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LinkedIn Ads Cheat Sheet

Get our consultants’ best secrets to build LinkedIn Ads’ campaigns that convert to money in your pockets.

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Share of SERP Guide

Can your TAM find you on the SERP? Your success is dependent upon it. Do everything to make sure your company is discoverable.

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Manual Verification Template

You can’t trust 3rd party data providers 100%. We check every single solitary account to make sure they fit our ICP.

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TAM Analysis Training

Leveraging targetable data attributes helps you understand your most profitable customers and identify similar opportunities in your TAM.

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