Directive Consulting’s Annual ‘Search to Learn’ Scholarship

At Directive Consulting, we have a mission and purpose that is completely driven by learning. We encourage positive change through constantly asking ourselves if something could be better and engaging as a team to create amazing ideas that are paired with terrific execution.
How to Enter
Create a 30 second to one-minute video explaining/demonstrating how Digital Marketing has changed our society, one random/interesting fact about yourself, and last but not least, your dream job. You can use video effects, backdrop designs, costumes, etc. Be creative and think outside of the box!! And above all, have fun with your video!! Simply upload the video on Youtube or Vimeo and submit the public URL onto the application form below.
What You Need To Know
Must be a high school senior or current college student with an active .edu email address (The winner will be notified by .edu e-mail provided in the application form) and must submit a resume with video entry. We are looking for eligible Applicants who follow directions and submit applications that are creative, fun, and addresses the topics. Only one submission will be selected and receive a $1,000 reward. **Students are welcome to apply for the scholarship year round**