Empowering Your Personal Network Through Email

If you are anything like myself, you have sent hundreds maybe even thousands of emails. Unfortunately, I never used to utilize these email addresses. I never empowered my personal network to advocate or utilize my company.

I was neglecting a direct way to contact my friends. There is so much talk about social media, but if you have recently tried to reach a large audience for free on Facebook than you have likely been disappointed.

By sending an email to your personal network that improves their life, you are reminding them of your business. Your personal network are your most likely advocates. Harnessing their advocacy could be your greatest form of free marketing…

This post, will outline a solution to the exponentially decreasing power of social media and the forgotten power of the email.

How do you collect all the email addresses from your personal network?

It is simple. Below, we have collected instructions for exporting the email address of your contacts.

Who should I use to send the email?

We like Mailchimp.


It is simple. It integrates with google analytics. It is pretty. Most importantly, it is free.

How will your network’s life be better because of your email?

Your email campaign should improve the lives of whom it touches. But, can your email campaign do this while still benefiting your business?

Of course!

Your marketing campaign can directly help your business, while also directly helping your customer. It just takes a little introspection. Our marketing campaign has been structured as an educational resource. We chose this approach because it fits with our internal mission: Read. Engage. Create.

It will be important to align the purpose of your email campaign with your company’s mission and purpose.  Consistency between both operations and marketing will help to better tell your brand’s story.

Examples of what your email campaign can be…

email marketing examples

How often should I send my campaign?

Once a week.

But, not less than twice a month.


Marketing is about timing. Touch your network at the appropriate time and they are more likely to convert or refer your product or service. If you are confident that your email will improve the life of it’s recipients than sending once a week is a good option. If you are strapped for time, try sending an email once every two weeks.

Regardless, do not neglect the power of utilizing your personal network.

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